Wholesome TikTok goes viral after identical adult twins bamboozle their dad in the funniest way - Dexerto

Wholesome TikTok goes viral after identical adult twins bamboozle their dad in the funniest way

Published: 25/Apr/2021 21:14

by Theo Salaun


Thousands of people across the internet are crying tears of joy, as a TikTok video of identical twins pranking their dad (after nearly two years apart) is giving everyone some proper wholesome happiness.

Identical twins can be tricky to deal with and, therefore, are perhaps the greatest gifts to the pranking world. TikTok and YouTube content creator HoopFinesse (real name, Muhammad Abdul-Aleem) proved that fact to the fullest by working with his twin to surprise their dad.

HoopFinesse’s twin brother, Musa, hadn’t seen him or his father in 18 months (likely because he was off playing professional basketball in Libya). So the twins and fellow content creators decided to take the opportunity to put their dad’s observational skills to the test.


After meeting and lightly tussling, as brothers do, the two swapped clothes and went to visit their father. Musa, dressed as his brother (and holding Muhammad’s kid), went to say hello to their pops while his brother remained outside. But we won’t spoil the rest, that’s what the video is for.

As you can see, even the little one was confused — as HoopFinesse’s kid seemed a little unsure when asked “who’s dada?” by both twins. But confusion over twins knows no age limits, as the pair’s dad was also absolutely bamboozled by their prank.


Opening the door and casually welcoming Musa (disguised as HoopFinesse) inside, the pops seems happy to chat with his local son. He proceeds to play with the kid and nonchalantly responds when asked if he’s talked to Musa recently.

Then, in a moment that has taken over the hearts of social media users everywhere, HoopFinesse opens the door and their father exclaims “oh, Musa!” before two contrasting emotions splash across his face in unison: joy and confusion. Realizing the son he had been talking to was the one he hadn’t seen in nearly two years, the father embraces Musa in a fit of laughter, hugs, and a couple forehead kisses.


In response to the video, people are simply sharing in on the joy. As one Twitter user replied with a screenshot of Todo tearing up (in a moment of joy) during Jujutsu Kaisen, others have joined in with similar responses.

One thing is clear from the video’s explosion across the internet: happy people make people happy.