Who is Unreal Margot on TikTok? Margot Robbie deepfake goes viral

Georgina Smith
Margot Robbie deepfake on TikTok
TikTok: unreal_margot

TikToker ‘Unreal Margot’ is going viral for their scarily accurate deepfake of actress Margot Robbie, garnering millions of views and likes for their videos on the app.

Over the past few years, millions of new users have joined video platform TikTok, including a host of different celebrities that like to post videos about their lives for their many followers.

However, some users have previously been fooled into thinking certain celebrities have joined the wildly popular app, due to a series of uncannily accurate celebrity deepfakes going viral.

Previous viral celebrity deepfakes have included recreations of Tom Cruise and Robert Pattinson, and they were so accurate that many people believed at first that the actors had really made their own accounts.

The latest deepfake to take over TikTok is from the account ‘Unreal Margot,’ which, as the name suggests, is a recreation of popular actress Margot Robbie.

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This account first uploaded in May 2022, and instantly had people confused about whether she was the real Margot Robbie, or just a very good lookalike.

She’s since gone on to upload several videos of her comparing herself to some of Robbie’s most iconic roles, and they look so similar that it’s only managed to confuse people even more.

“Is this the actual Margot Robbie?” one confused commenter wrote on one of her videos. “Ok but how do you look more like Margot Robbie than Margot Robbie looks like Margot Robbie?” another wrote.

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However, some were quick to figure out that the videos have been digitally edited in some way, with one user saying: “You can see the clear deepfake on the first clip when she leans forward, terrific work though.”

Unreal Margot has managed to score millions of likes and views with her videos, and is continuing to baffle users who are stumbling across her account on their For You Page for the first time.