Who is TikTok’s 163 year old man? Viral elderly monk’s age is ‘debunked’

TikTok monk elderly 163 year old manTikTok: AuyAry13

After TikTok user ‘auyary13’ began posting videos of her elderly father, users who came across them started the rumor that he was 163 years old. However, as her videos began going viral, the rumor was quickly debunked. 

While TikTok has largely become the home for popular dance trends and sounds, it also has had its fair share of rumors — ranging from claims that the app is shutting down to TikTok celebrity Addison Rae leaving the platform,

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Since November 2021, a creator by the name of ‘auyary13’ has shared videos of her elderly father who appears to be a Monk in Thailand. It wasn’t until January 2022 that her videos began going viral, sparking rumors that the man is 163 years old.

However, the rumor has been debunked as auyary13 has commented that her father is only 109 years old. Here’s everything else we know about the viral monk.

Who is TikToks 163-year-old man?

While Auyary, the man’s daughter, has been sharing videos on the short-form video app for several years — it wasn’t until November 2021 that she first shared a video including her elderly father.

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Sitting in a building, the man smiled as she walked towards him to say hello.

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On January 20, 2022, the creator shared a video of her father being transported to the hospital. As she continued to share updates on the man, her videos quickly grew in popularity.

Just eight days later, one of her update videos received over 2 million views — with people taking to the comments attempting to guess his age.

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Auyary continued to post updates about her father’s health throughout his hospital stay, and her videos continued to grow.

More and more viewers took to the comments questioning his age and whether or not he is practicing Sokushinbutsu despite Auyary confirming that her father is 109 years old.

On February 19, she uploaded a video of her father sitting upright with his hands on a young child’s head. At the time of writing, the update has been viewed almost 70 million times.

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What is Sokushinbutsu?

Sokushinbutsu is a rare practice among Buddhist monks in Japan that sees people becoming mummified while they’re still alive. This requires a strict diet, allowing the monks to dehydrate their bodies from the inside out.

They then are buried inside of a pine box to meditate throughout their last days alive. However, there is no proof that the TikTokers father practices this technique.

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