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Who is TheSkiMaskGirl on TikTok? Face ‘reveal’ stream goes viral

Published: 10/Jan/2022 10:33

by Connor Bennett


The mysterious SkiMaskGirl has taken TikTok by storm over the last few months, and with some fans wanting her to do a face reveal, they almost got what they want. 

For years, some content creators have gone down the path of not wanting to reveal their face or identity, using masks and other disguises to keep up the facade.

Being mysterious like that only increases the interest around their content, seeing as some fans get so interested that they’ll do some serious digging to try and find out what they look like behind the mask.

In the case of TheSkiMaskGirl, she has built up a pretty massive following on social media, with over 2 million followers on TikTok and a further 172,000 on Instagram. Some fans are desperate for her to ditch the masks, and actually show off what she looks like.


SkiMaskgirl in camoflagued ski mask taking selfie
Instagram: TheSkiMaskGirl
TheSkiMaskGirl has a huge collection of maks to hide her identity.

TheSkiMaskGirl face ‘reveal’ stream

The TikToker, who has used a wide range of masks in her posts over the years, has come close to revealing her face before, ditching the masks but still covering her face using her phone and sunglasses.

Those fans who are desperate to actually get a face reveal from the TikToker got a helping hand from her dog, of all things, during a TikTok live.

As TheSkiMaskGirl chatted with fans, her dog jumped up and pulled off the handkerchief that she was using to cover the bottom half of her face. It was a true blink and you’ll miss it moment, however, as the TikToker quickly turned away from the camera and covered her face.



my dog giving y’all a face reveal smh

♬ original sound – THE SKI MASK GIRL

While some fans might have seen her face on that stream, it wasn’t exactly the full face reveal that they would have wanted, seeing as the TikToker managed to turn away from the camera so quickly.

There have been previous attempts to ‘expose’ her using social media posts from her friends and other creators that she has linked up with before, but nobody is certain if they’re real.

As plenty of other masked creators have noted before, there usually comes a point where its time to shed the mask, but only time will tell if TheSkiMaskGirl will ever do so.