Who is the Eel Pit Guy that is taking over TikTok?

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Eel Pit Guy TikTok who is he
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TikTok users are currently obsessed with a series of videos from who they have dubbed ‘Eel Pit Guy,’ although his actual username is Cowturle. But who is he, how did he get the name, and why are people so obsessed with him? 

With over a billion monthly users, TikTok has become the best place for viral content whether it’s with a dance trend, sound clip, or just a very interesting series of videos.

By series of videos, I mean like if you found a water tank underneath your house and you told TikTok that your first thought was to fill it full of eels.

Because that’s what CowTurtle, aka ‘Eel Pit Guy,’ has done… and his videos are taking over social media.

Who is Eel Pit Guy on TikTok?

While the TikToker’s real screen name is ‘Cowturtle,’ fans dedicated to the eel pit process have dubbed the man ‘Eel Pit Guy’ or ‘Eel Daddy.’

The user began gaining popularity with his videos about various fish, but it wasn’t until March 24, 2022, when he decided to upload a video sharing that his new house came with a cistern that used to be full of water to supply the house.

And he wanted to put a bunch of eels in it.

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A day later, CowTurtle posted a video of him putting fish into the water. It almost instantly went viral, amassing over five million views and countless comments as the beginning of the saga hooked viewers.

In April, Eel Pit Guy posted an update regarding the pit. The video showed viewers that the water was getting treated, and he even created a walking path through the water. Fans took to the comments to express how much they wanted to see Eels actually in the water.

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Finally, on June 14, Eel Daddy uploaded a video where he put the snake-like fish into the Eel Pit. At the time of writing, it has received several hundred thousand views and over 2,000 comments.

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While the eel pit saga has come to an end, it’s clear that Cowturtle cares a lot about the fish and will likely continue posting videos about the pit and any other various fish he comes across.

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