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Who is ‘the Castle Diary’ on TikTok? Creator living in an Italian castle goes viral

Published: 24/May/2021 11:29 Updated: 24/May/2021 17:49

by Georgina Smith


Ludovica Sannazzaro is going hugely viral on TikTok thanks to her Castle Diary videos documenting what it’s like to live inside a 12th-century Italian castle, giving viewers a glimpse into the beautiful building.

Many people have wondered what it might be like to live inside a castle in the modern-day, but now people get to have all their questions answered, with Ludovica making countless viral videos about her life through ‘thecastlediary.’

The 10,000 square foot Italian castle named Castello Sannazzaro is certainly something to behold. 19-year-old Ludovica explains on her TikTok profile that she lives there full time, making people even more curious about what her life is really like.


A big part of her content is showing people what the expectations and realities of living in a castle are. While some might predict maids, butlers, and balls, in actual fact she lives her life in very much the same way as a normal teenager.

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@thecastlediary👯‍♀️ ##castle ##italia ##foryou♬ Wake Me Up – 2CELLOS

Be that watching movies with her friends, or getting ready for a party, her routine is fairly standard, but with everything set to the backdrop of a stunning castle, her life looks quite different.

While living in such a beautiful place might seem idyllic, Ludovica’s father explained to the New York Post that: “It is a big challenge to run a castle in Italy. There is no help from the state, and there is a lot of property management [to do]. It’s a big commitment.”


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@thecastlediaryI actually would love to do a masquerade!! 🎭##castle ##italia ##foryou♬ Pirates of the Caribbean – 2CELLOS

Regardless, starting up the account has certainly been a huge boost for business, with many in the comments claiming they too want to go and visit the beautiful castle when they get a chance.

The account now has over 600,000 followers and 15 million combined likes thanks to the fascinating videos, with each post getting hundreds and thousands, if not millions of views.