Who is Sam Postar on TikTok? Users are calling for his ban

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Who is Sam Postar on TikTok? Users of the short-form video platform are calling for his ban, but why are they doing it? Here’s everything we know about the TikToker. 

TikTok has been the home of viral content since 2016. It has also helped create multiple celebrities like Charli & Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and more.

Sometimes the platform can help ‘anonymous’ creators go viral through just a hashtag, like MrPancake343 who has amassed over 147m views on his hashtag.

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Now, Sam Postar is going viral with users calling for Sam to be banned from the platform. Here’s everything we know about the TikToker, as well as why he may be going viral.

Sam Postar TikTok Private Account

Sam Postar on TikTok

The most interesting aspect of Sam is that his TikTok account is private, but he has almost three million followers.

On top of that, the hashtag ‘sampostar’ has been viewed almost nine million times and is full of videos with the caption “How is @SamPostar not banned?”

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One user uploaded a video that seems to explain the whole scenario. Apparently, the TikToker posted a video to his account that started the whole movement.

It reads, “Tryna go viral on TikTok? Make a video saying ‘how is @sampostar not banned.’ We have had over 4m views from people doing this with zero followers. Good luck.”

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Because Sam’s TikTok account is set to private, we’re unable to use an analytics tracking website like Socialblade to see how long he’s been active on the platform.

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However, looking at the videos using his accompanying hashtag, it appears that Sam’s plan has been going around the platform for about a week at the time of writing.