Who is Ryan Trahan? YouTuber goes viral for extreme MrBeast roadtrip videos

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Ryan Trahan goes viral for MrBeast budget road trip
YouTube: Curiosity Stream, Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan is taking over YouTube, garnering millions of views per video thanks to his extreme budgeting skills that are drawing eyes from across the net… all with the goal of meeting MrBeast.

There are a few YouTubers who fans can say, with confidence, are the cream of the crop.

Names like MrBeast, Markiplier, and PewDiePie roll off the tongue easily; they regularly accrue millions of views per video and have undeniable presences as content powerhouses on the internet.

However, a new name is rising in the ranks… and it’s all thanks to his comparatively small-budget projects.

Ryan Trahan takes on ambitious road trip project budget
YouTube: Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan is racking up millions of views on YouTube thanks to his ambitious project.

Ryan Trahan started his channel nearly a decade ago in 2013. Since then, he’s garnered over 8 million subscribers and hits an average of 89 million views per month, according to statistics from Social Blade.

That’s not the most impressive part of it, though; Trahan posts a video every single day, which have all managed to gain around 5 million views each, give or take a few.

Ryan Trahan social blade stats
Social Blade
Ryan’s Social Blade stats are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Very few YouTubers can upload daily content to the tune of millions of views, but Trahan is well on his way. But what is it about his content that’s making people so interested?

To put it plainly, Trahan is living on an extreme budget, all for the end goal of traveling across America to meet MrBeast — starting with just one penny. Trahan has collaborated with MrBeast in the past, notably joining him for the Creator Games last year.


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His exploits have seen him travel from California to Denver, Colorado. MrBeast is located in North Carolina, so Ryan is in for quite the road trip on his quest to cross the country with pocket change and a dream.

With MrBeast getting involved, there’s no telling how this project will eventually end… but, knowing Donaldson, it’s likely to include some sort of huge grand finale. (The man literally recreated Willy Wonka’s fully-edible chocolate factory, after all.)

Thus, it’s no surprise that viewers are eagerly tuning in to Ryan’s travels every single day to see how he’s faring. He’s currently 10 days into his journey and has raised $233,000 for Feeding America, a fundraiser he’s organized as part of his massive project.

It’s clear that Trahan’s got something big going for him and viewers are anxious to see how this ordeal turns out, firmly placing him on the roadmap to YouTube success.

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