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Who is Matt Wright on TikTok? Outback Wrangler goes viral for shocking crocodile videos

Published: 3/Dec/2021 19:36

by Virginia Glaze


A brave Australian gent has been taking over For You pages all across TikTok, thanks to his shocking interactions with massive crocodiles… but who exactly is this adventurous man?

If you browse TikTok on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen that viral video from user Matt Wright engaging with a massive crocodile.

The video starts fairly unassumingly — Matt walks up to an algae-covered body of water and slaps down a net full of red meat. After a few seconds, the water surges forward, revealing the body of a huge crocodile who snaps up the meat in its powerful jaws.


Wright can be heard narrating the ongoing events as the croc swallows the meat and lets out a few prehistoric grunts worthy of a T-Rex. The shocking clip has garnered over 96 million views in the span of a single day, and it’s not hard to see why.

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@mattwrightau♬ original sound – Matt Wright

Who is Matt Wright ‘Outback Wrangler?’

For those curious as to who this man is and why he has seemingly unrestricted access to giant crocodiles, Matt Wright is wildlife relocator with a specialty in modern, saltwater-based dinosaurs.

Wright boasts a storied career as a helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator and a tourism operator, and even has his own show on National Geographic called ‘Outback Wrangler.’


Outback Wrangler
YouTube: Matt Wright
Matt Wright is a wildlife relocator who has helped save the lives of animals like polar bears, crocodiles, and more.

Primarily, Wright tracks down and relocates wildlife that could be dangerous to people — everything from massive crocs to polar bears and water buffalo.

The Wrangler’s motto is prioritizing relocation over euthanization and places special emphasis on preserving local wildlife.

Outside of his television show, Wright has picked up quite an audience for himself over on TikTok, where he has over 1.5 million followers thanks to his jaw-dropping interactions with crocodiles.

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@mattwrightauTripod can still move♬ original sound – Matt Wright

It’s clear that people are interested in seeing these massive beasts up close and personal… from behind the safety of a phone screen, of course.