Who is Jake Paul fighting next? 5 perfect opponents for the YouTube boxer

5 people jake paul should fight next boxingDexerto

YouTube star Jake Paul is gearing up for his next bout this summer — but until his opponent for this upcoming fight is announced, we’ve got five boxers who would be a perfect fit for ‘The Problem Child.’

Jake Paul is truly the poster boy for influencer boxing. After his very first match against fellow YouTuber Deji in 2018, the youngest Paul brother has gone on to rack up an undefeated 5-0 professional boxing record.

Scoring matches against the likes of NBA star Nate Robinson, Olympic mixed martial artist Ben Askren, and even former UFC champ Tyron Woodley, it seems like the sky’s the limit for this internet superstar… and he’s not done yet.

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With his next bout slated for August 13, fans are waiting with bated breath for him to announce an opponent. Until then, we’ve got a list of perfect rivals we’d love to see ‘The Problem Child’ take on in the ring.

Tommy Fury

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedInstagram/Jake Paul
Jake Paul was slated to take on Tommy Fury last year.

This match made in heaven almost happened last year… until Fury pulled out at the last minute due to an injury, prompting Jake to schedule a rematch with Tyron Woodley, instead.

Fury is, by far, one of the most perfect opponents for Jake Paul. Both men are high-profile internet stars with millions of followers a piece, and each shares a fair history in boxing. Fury’s father and older brother are notable former and current professional boxers, with Tommy himself boasting an undefeated 8-0 record.

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It burns that this match didn’t come to fruition after months of planning and trash-talk from both sides. Both fighters boast a similar build, as well — the influencers are around six foot and 180-190 pounds, making for an easy matchup.

It’s unclear if we’ll ever see these two schedule a match again… but according to Jake Paul himself, it’s not looking likely.


Ksi confirms boxing return after two year hiatusYouTube: KSI
KSI notably defeated former rival Logan Paul in their 2019 rematch. Now, Jake Paul wants a piece of the action.

The ongoing beef between KSI and Jake Paul is nothing short of legendary. Following KSI and Logan Paul’s very first match in 2018, Jake seemed to hold a special resentment toward the British YouTube star, and challenged him a boxing match not long afterward.

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However, things haven’t panned out for this particular grudge match for a number of reasons. Following KSI’s 2019 rematch with Logan (which he won by split-decision), the pandemic put a halt on all in-person events for some time.

On top of that, KSI was focused on his music career, leaving little time to practice between shows. However, the Brit has now announced that he’s coming back to the ring this August (albeit at a later date than Jake Paul), and we can’t help but wonder… is a fight with ‘The Problem Child’ on the horizon?

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Standing at five feet eleven inches tall, KSI isn’t too far off the mark from Jake Paul. Considering that they’re both influencers, as well, this is another match that’s just too good to pass up. Only time will tell if they end up in the ring together, though.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul and Jake Paul sitting by poolInstagram: loganpaul
Logan and Jake Paul are both influencer-boxers – and fans would love to see them face off in the ring.

What can we say — family feuds make for great storylines. Jake and Logan Paul famously butted heads earlier on in their careers, but now, both brothers have sufficiently mellowed out and often support each other in their prospective endeavors.

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Despite being on good terms, folks just can’t seem to let go of a possible boxing match between the two YouTubers… and we have to admit that the possibility is quite tempting.

In fact, both brothers have discussed the topic openly in the past. At first, they claimed they’d never touch gloves in a sanctioned match — but now, things are looking a little bit more likely, as Logan Paul admitted to entrepreneur Gary Vee that he’d be down to take on his little bro in the ring.

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Although Logan has a bit of a height advantage over Jake, it’s definitely something we know audiences would be anxious to see… either in the boxing ring, or in a high-flying WWE match.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Logan PaulAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul notably faced off with Floyd Mayweather last year in one of the most unexpected influencer boxing matches of all time.

While this matchup is still the stuff of fairy dust and dreams, it’s not a far-off possibility — and it’s one we know fans would love to see happen.

Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has already proven that he’s down for the occasional fun exhibition match against the odd influencer, as shown by his fight against Logan Paul last year.

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On top of that, who could forget his infamous scuffle with Jake Paul at the weigh-in a day prior? (‘Gotcha hat’ will now forever live in the hallowed annals of internet history.)

Unfortunately, there’s one thing stopping this fight from being a perfect fit; Jake boasts quite the size advantage over the boxing superstar, although it’s worth noting that this had no bearing on Mayweather’s bout with Logan.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva celebrates UFC winYouTube: UFC
Anderson Silva has expressed an interest in fighting Jake Paul.

Brazilian mixed martial artist Anderson Silva rounds out our wish list of dream fights for Jake Paul.

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This one isn’t as far out of left field as one might think; in fact, Silva himself has stated that he’s absolutely down to switch his kicks for punches for the chance of fighting the youngest Paul brother.

Jake has also expressed a great love for the MMA star — so what’s the holdup? Even other combat sports greats like Michael Bisping are urging ‘The Problem Child’ to go toe-to-toe with ‘The Spider.’

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However, it looks like both athletes are currently dealing with extremely busy schedules, so the jury’s still out on whether or not this dream match will ever happen.

Honorable mentions

Conor McGregor

Jake Paul should fight Conor McGregorConor McGregor/Instagram
Jake Paul has been calling out Conor McGregor for some time.

Of course, this list would be totally amiss if we didn’t say something about Irish MMA legend Conor McGregor. This fight has long been a dream of Jake Paul’s, who has taken every opportunity to call out ‘The Notorious’ Irish fighter for a possible boxing match.

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While McGregor has been cautiously open toward the possibility, we can’t say this is a bout we see happening — the size difference between the two fighters alone is enough to make us press pause on the idea, altogether. Who knows, though — stranger things have certainly happened.

Mike Tyson

mike tyson nelk boysYouTube: FULL SEND PODCAST
Mike Tyson is down to fight ‘The Problem Child’ in the boxing ring – but it’s unclear if this bout will ever happen.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got to add ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson into the mix. Talks of a possible bout between ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ and Jake Paul have long been in circulation, with Tyson praising the YouTuber for putting boxing back in the spotlight.

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In fact, the two were confirmed to be in discussions regarding Paul’s upcoming August fight…. But according to Jake’s camp, the matchup isn’t looking likely.

It’s still unclear who Jake’s next opponent will be — but if any one of these names above are involved, you can bet we’ll be more than excited to see it come to life.