Who is Jack Manifold? The rising Minecraft YouTuber & Twitch streamer

Jack Manifold also known as JackManifoldTVJackManifoldTV

Who is Jack Manifold? The YouTuber & Twitch streamer known online as JackManifoldTV rose to fame for his Minecraft videos under his former alias, Thunder1408. Here’s everything you need to know about him. 

Amassing a million subscribers and followers across your socials is no easy feat. 

Through the successes of YouTubers who have become household names in PewDiePie and Markiplier, there is no telling how far people can take their YouTube careers these days with enough dedication and a keen eye to content – especially with Twitch helping boost your presence. 

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Jack Manifold is living through this kind of success. While it is impossible to know whether or not the young social media influencer will reach the heights and popularity achieved by the likes of Markiplier, the 19-year-old is doing things his way. 

Jack Manifold in one of his prank videos JackManifoldTV
JackManifoldTV’s YouTube has an array of prank videos

Who is Jack Manifold?

JackManifoldTV – with Jack Manifold being his real name – is an English YouTube and Twitch streamer who began his journey on Twitch in 2019.

Then, he started up a YouTube channel in 2020. 

Jack Manifold via his InstagramInstagram:jackmanifoldtv
JackManifoldTV via his Instagram

How old is Jack Manifold?

Born on August 14, 2002, Jack Manifold is currently 19 years old.

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How tall is Jack Manifold?

Jack Manifold has disclosed in past Twitch streams that he is around 5’8. He has also joked on multiple occasions that he was 5’2, so it is unclear how tall he currently is.

Who is Jack Manifold’s girlfriend?

Jack’s relationship status is often speculated about with little to insight actually offered on his relationship status.

At the time of writing, this fact remains unchanged.

Where does Jack Manifold live?

Jack previously resided in Mansfield, England with his parents and little brother. Current living situation isn’t clear.

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Jack Manifold streaming live on Twitch JackManifoldTV
JackManifoldTV streams live on Twitch

How did Jack Manifold become famous?

Jack rose to fame through his Minecraft gameplay on Twitch. He translated this success to YouTube, achieving 100 subscribers in May 2020 and then hitting 1 million subscribers in May 2021. His rise to fame has been meteoric.

The creator has cemented himself as a content creator who knows no bounds, with a fresh demeanor and an approachable presence.

Beginning his journey on Twitch in 2019 with Minecraft content, he’s managed to join SMP Dream – a private whitelisted survival multiplayer Minecraft server – in August 2020, immediately taking his Twitch content and audience to new heights. 

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As of 2022, Jack has amassed 1.8 million subscribers on his Twitch channel and only seems to be growing. 

JackManifoldTV’s YouTube Channel JackManifoldTV
JackManifoldTV has amassed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and Twitch

What content does JackManifoldTV produce?

Beginning with Twitch, Jack started streaming gaming videos with a concentration on Minecraft. 

Manifold has transformed into a variety streamer over time as he can be seen playing Halo Infinite, Outlast, Portal 2, and even chatting it up in the Just Chatting category. 

Jack’s channel has also been thriving on the YouTube front through his prank videos going viral regularly. 

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Although it’s super early in the Brit’s content-creating career, the gamer has proved that he has the necessary skills to hold and grow an audience. 

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