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Who is Codgod76 on TikTok? Origins behind elusive “phenom”

Published: 3/Jul/2021 7:42

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


TikTokers are going crazy over Codgod76, an elusive “phenom” who is blowing up on the platform despite having no content. But who is it, and where is all the hype coming from?

Codgod76 is trending worldwide, with tens of thousands of people lining up to give the enigmatic figure a follow on TikTok despite having no content other than a section in their profile that hilariously says, “I’ll beat You In A 1V1 In Cof.”

But if it’s a real person, who is it, and what’s made them so popular? Well, the answer lies in how well you know YouTuber Tyler ‘WILDCAT’ Wine.


If you’ve been watching his content in recent weeks, then you’ll know it’s not a mystery at all.

WILDCAT Codgod76 TikTok
Codgod76 is a character created by WILDCAT.

Codgod76 is the alter-ego of popular YouTuber WILDCAT

Yes, that’s right. WILDCAT is, in fact, Codgod76. It all started when he played Call of Duty and changed his username to ‘codgod76.’

Then, he proceeded to act out the character, telling other players to follow him on. TikTok and describing himself as a “45-year-old phenom.”

Hilariously, thousands of players found the account, which apparently doesn’t belong to him at all despite having the same name. So, it’s become a bit of a phenomenon in its own right, and its popularity is still on the rise.


Here is a video of WILDCAT playing the character in-game, calling people “f**king pussies” and telling them that he’s been “playing the game before [they] were born” before urging them to follow him on TikTok.

There are many other examples, including one where he 1v1’s the “angriest kid in Call of Duty” and another where he rages up an entire lobby. The list goes on and on.

So, while the origin behind Codgod76 isn’t a mystery for those who have following WILDCAT’s content for a while now, it’s still an amusing situation that will be sure to earn him even more subscribers than he already has.