Who is Catben on TikTok? Woman goes viral with useful life hacks

catben tiktokTikTok: Catben

TikToker Catherine ‘catben’ Benson has gone viral on the app with a variety of useful life hacks for her followers. Here’s everything we know about the creator and her tips & tricks.

Since the app began gaining mass popularity, we’ve seen a wide variety of viral trends involving songs, dances, and “cults.” However, creators don’t always need to participate in trends to go viral.

Creators like Elysemyers, Mason Ramsey, the infamous “mold girl” and more, have gained mass popularity over time thanks to their unique talents and stories.

Now, a TikToker by the name of ‘catben’ has gone viral thanks to her useful household life hacks that she shares with over eight million followers.

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Who is catben on TikTok?

With 8.8 million followers on TikTok, Catben uses her platform to share her ingenious organization skills and other life hacks.

She’s received millions of views across her videos where she refills soap bottles, cereal containers and finds the most efficient ways to clean the rooms in her house.

On January 28, the creator received almost 20 million views on a video that showcased the unique way she organizes the families’ snacks in the refrigerator.

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Catben has even taken her viewers shopping, gaining their attention by neatly placing her items into the shopping cart with the same gentle grace that she does at home.

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At the time of writing, she’s received over a million views on the shopping video.

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However, Catherine doesn’t just simply show off her neatly organized cabinets and drawers.

On her website “this that with cat,” the TikToker has provided links to Amazon so her followers can become just as organized as she is.

That’s all we know about the viral TikToker, but if you’d like to check out other trends and various platform news — head over to our hub.