Who is Candice on TikTok? Prank goes viral after ‘Candice died today’ joke

TikTok user doing the 'Candice' prank next to the TikTok logoTikTok: ehmyr

The ‘Candice’ prank has popped up on TikTok on several occasions, with users tricking their friends and strangers by acting like they know somebody with the name.

There are countless inside jokes that have formed on TikTok which users use to produce viral videos that may appear to make no sense to a viewer who isn’t in the know.

Whether that’s a particular song, effect, or newly-coined phrase, people are able to make a viral trend out of anything — and many have confused friends and other TikTok users with the baffling ‘Candice’ prank.

What is the Candice prank on TikTok?

The premise of the trick is simple. Participants will tell somebody that they plan on meeting up with an individual named Candice, and when the victim inevitably asks ‘who’s Candice,’ the screen turns black and white and zooms in on their face.

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People have come up with countless different ways to do the trend, with some texting it to their partners, others filming them face-to-face, and some even going on to random people’s live streams to trick them.

While the prank started as a way to trick people into briefly believing in a mystery person, users have even taken it to the next level by saying ‘Candice died today’ leading to some varied reactions.

Who is Candice on TikTok?

The origin of the joke seems to have been a play on words, with the original punchline being: ‘Candice d*ck fit in your mouth?’

But many users are opting to leave out the punchline altogether, with the victim’s confused reactions being funny enough as it is.

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The editing effects combined with this prank have produced countless viral videos, with some of them getting hundreds and thousands, even millions of likes on the app.

However, the vague ending to the trick has left those who aren’t in the know about the trend baffled, meaning comment sections are flooded with questions about who Candice is, and why the video is so funny.