Who is Baby Gronk? Livvy Dunne “rizz” TikTok meme explained

who-is-baby-gronk-rizz-livvy-dunne-tiktok-explainedInstagram: maddensanmiguel, livvydunne

Baby Gronk is the internet’s latest celebrity, but his sudden rise in popularity is leaving some netizens confused. Don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown on this social media mogul, as well as who Livvy Dunne is and why she “rizzed” up Baby Gronk.

To those not chronically addicted to TikTok, the words ‘Baby Gronk’ and ‘rizz’ might seem like total gobbledygook. And we don’t blame you; this new social media trend basically started overnight, after all.

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However, this story’s beginnings date back to back in March, when 10-year-old Madden San Miguel met up with viral Louisiana State University gymnast Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne. Their meeting was posted in a YouTube video by Miguel’s parents, and there it sat for two months.

Shortly afterward, a TikToker named ‘h00pify’ posted their meetup on his account, narrating over the clip by saying that Livvy had “rizzed” the youngster up and made him want to join LSU.

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Although this all took place earlier in the year, the video was recently reposted to Twitter and has taken social media by storm. Many netizens are seemingly confused about the terms “Baby Gronk,” “Livvy “Dunne,” and “rizz” — on top of ‘h00pify’s’ rather off-putting stare into the camera.

The whole video has acted as a sort of catalyst for those not within Gen Z to yell at clouds and realize just how out of touch they are with the youth… but for those wanting to be one of the cool kids, don’t worry. We’ve got a few definitions for you that might help with these uncomfortable feelings.

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Who is Baby Gronk?

‘Baby Gronk,’ real name Madden San Miguel, is a ten-year-old football prodigy with a massive presence on social media thanks to his sports skills. He reportedly got his nickname from former NFL star Rob Gronkowski, who is also lovingly referred to as ‘Gronk’ by fans.

According to reports from The Athletic, Madden’s father is already shopping him around some of the US’s top universities for a potential academic scholarship. We’ll have to see how the “rizz king’s” pro sports career pans out until then.

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Who is Livvy Dunne?

Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne is a social media superstar who rose to fame thanks to her good looks and athletic talents. She’s a gymnast at Louisiana State University and boasts over 7 million followers on her TikTok account.

Livvy Dunne TikTok profile goes missingInstagram: livvydunne
Livvy Dunne is a Division One college athlete on top of being a social media celebrity.

In fact, Livvy is so popular that LSU had to increase its security during competition season after a horde of her fans showed up to watch her perform. It looks like her viral popularity has possibly convinced Baby Gronk to choose LSU as his university of choice… which leads us to our next point.

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What does ‘rizz’ mean?

The term ‘rizz’ has taken over social media lately — so much so, that we even wrote a guide about it. The word basically means that you’ve got game and are smooth at picking up potential romantic partners. If one has ‘rizz,’ that means they got it goin’ on. ‘Nuff said!

For more TikTok slang explanations, check out our hub right here on Dexerto.

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