TikToker Luke Taylor’s deep voiced sea shanty is going viral and fans love it

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Luke Taylor TikTok
TikTok/Instagram: _luke.the.voice_

A TikTok user called ‘_luke.the.voice_’ is going viral on the app thanks to his extremely deep voice and love for sea shanties — and fans can’t get enough.

TikTok has been a hive for a wide variety of content since its creation in 2016. From unique talents to viral trends and popular pasta recipes, the short-form video app has something for everyone to enjoy.

A creator by the name of Luke ‘_luke.the.voice_’ Taylor has now gone viral on the app thanks to his deep singing voice and love of sea shanties — and his unique talents are racking up millions of views.

With over 17 million views on his video at the time of writing, here’s everything we know about the singer.

Who is Luke.the.voice on TikTok?

Luke Taylor is one-fourth of the sea shanty group ‘The Wellermen,’ who claims to have created the viral trend that took over the app back in January 2021.

Although that trend has died down in the year since, now, Taylor is back to viral status thanks to a video of him in a suit and cowboy hat showcasing his very deep, bassy voice in a staircase with some amazing acoustics.

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In the video, Luke is singing ‘Hoist the Colours,’ a song created by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Luke Taylor has recently auditioned for the latest season of American Idol as well. On March 6, Taylor revealed on Instagram that he had received the golden ticket — and the chance to compete in Hollywood.

Fans love Luke Taylor’s voice

Following the upload, fans flooded the creator’s comments with their thoughts about Taylor’s voice.

With comments like, “I can’t tell if I’m creeped out or mystified,” and “Man’s the deepest voiced angel to ever exist,” it’s clear they enjoy what they are hearing.

Others, however, joke that they would “run out of the staircase” if they ever entered and randomly heard him singing.

Luke Taylor TikTok sea shanty

With over 18 million views and counting, TikTok users have made it clear that they want to hear more of Taylor’s singing. He’s already followed it up with a song from Lord of the Rings, so it’s safe to say he’s interested in recording more.

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