Who Austin McBroom should fight if AnEsonGib boxing match falls through

who should mcbroom fight nextInstagram: KSI, Jake Paul / Dexerto

Austin McBroom’s July 30 bout against AnEsonGib is postponed — and it’s unclear if their fight will ever happen. Who, then, should McBroom take on if Gib isn’t in fighting shape?

The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom was geared up to box against UK YouTuber AnEsonGib on July 30… But just a week out from fight night, McBroom claimed their bout was postponed.

According to Gib, some health issues on his end are to blame. He must undergo multiple health screenings before being cleared to touch gloves at the Crypto Arena.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if these two will ever face off, with McBroom claiming that Social Gloves is wanting him to find a substitute in the event that Gib doesn’t pass his health exams.

Austin McBroom to box Anesongib this julyInstagram: austinmcbroom, social gloves
AnEsonGib wants to take revenge on Austin McBroom over last year’s YouTubers vs TikTok drama – but this grudge match might not ever happen.

Who, then, should McBroom fight if Gib is disqualified? There are a few influencers who fit the bill if things don’t pan out… and some that would be a perfect match, if not for the timing.


It’s no secret that McBroom has been vying for a fight with KSI for some time. In fact, it looks like a bout between these two might be in the cards if McBroom wins his next match and KSI comes out victorious vs Alex Wassabi next month.

However, there’s not a chance we see KSI step up to this plate as his next fight is just a month away… and he might take on McBroom at a later date, anyway.

Jake Paul

McBroom has expressed a desire to fight Jake Paul in the past. The two even had a pretty significant beef back in 2021, where the ‘Problem Child’ accused McBroom of cheating on his wife, Catherine.

Jake himself is preparing for his bout against heavyweight pro Hasim Rahman Jr on August 6, who is a substitution for Paul’s previous pick, Tommy Fury… but there’s no telling if we will see him take on the ACE Family patriarch in the future or not.

Bryce Hall

McBroom took on TikTok celeb Bryce Hall last year at the Battle of the Platforms, thoroughly trouncing the Sway House star by TKO in round 3.

McBroom Hall faceoffInstagram: austinmcbroom
Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom faced off at last year’s Battle of the Platform boxing match.

To onlookers, it was clear that Hall wasn’t on the same level as McBroom at the time — but given a year of training and expressing a desire to get back in the ring again, we can’t think of a better opponent for Austin if Gib falls through.

Unfortunately, this is also unlikely to happen, as Hall is currently in the middle of filming his ‘Skill House’ horror film.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a busy man… but he’s the best possible candidate for this potential substitution. After two defeats to KSI and a viral exhibition with Mayweather, it’s been a minute since he’s stepped in the boxing ring — and now is the perfect time to do so.

Logan Paul vs Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Paul faced off with Mayweather in 2021.

Having signed a contract with the WWE, it’s clear that Paul is a showman, and this match presents another opportunity for him to make a statement. He’s proven his mettle in the ring and would present quite a challenge for McBroom, as well as a possible door to a match with Jake Paul.

Although McBroom vs Gib is still up in the air, a sudden match with Logan Paul would definitely get the world’s attention… provided he can afford him, that is.