Who are the Berry Family? TikToker family go viral pretending to be wolves

TikTok: Berry Family

TikTok users have become somewhat enamored with the Berry Family, a group of TikToker who pretend to be a pack of wolves. Here’s what you need to know. 

While TikTok started out life as the go-to social media platform for artists, showing off dance routines, new songs, and other creative passions, its become much bigger than that over the last few years.

Now, the ByteDance owned app is the go-to spot for viral videos and pretty much every interest is covered in some form – no matter how niche or unusual it may seem. 

One of the newest, unusual corners of TikTok that has been getting some attention is that of the Berry Family as they post videos pretending to be wolves. 

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Who are The Berry Family on TikTok? 

That’s right, if you’ve not heard of the Berry Family, you’ve escaped a pretty unusual part of TikTok to this point. 

As the name suggests, they’re a family of five females – Mumma, Miraclejade, Faith, Paige, and Lacey – each with their own wolf personality that they tap into, including a pack leader, pups, and others. 

They only have around 118k followers, but some of their videos have reached upwards of 30 million views. Their most recent uploads have been averaging close to 2 million views, but they have been the target of some hate as users have been questioning the posts.

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“Something went very wrong with this family,” said one user on their recent video. “Painful to watch as always,” added another. “A monumental amount of pain and suffering on my end to view this,” commented another. 

The family have responded to some of the comments, making a video with a caption stating they’re not really bothered by it all. 

They have got plenty of genuine fans despite that, and have thanked them for their support a few times. So, the videos aren’t going away and their growth will likely continue.