Who are Julia & Lauren Burch? Twin sisters blowing up on TikTok and Twitch

Georgina Smith
Julia and Lauren Burch pose together for an Instagram picture
Instagram: juliaaburch

Julia and Lauren Burch are identical twin sisters who have experienced a huge boost in popularity at the start of 2021, making content on both Twitch and TikTok, and racking up millions of followers across platforms.

TikTok has become a hub for a huge range of creators to accumulate followers and grow their presence online – both for creators new to the internet, and those who have been making content on other platforms prior to TikTok.

With influencers making huge careers from the app and basically becoming celebrities overnight, people are flocking to the app to see what they can bring to the table, with many finding a huge boost in their followers.

Julia and Lauren Burch pose in an Instagram picture
Instagram: juliaburch
Julia and Lauren are twin sisters from Canada.

Julia and Lauren Burch are two such creators who have found a community on TikTok, though it’s not the only platform they upload to. The girls also have Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram accounts that are all seeing growth alongside TikTok.

Julia and Lauren: TikTok Twins

These two stars are 20-year-old identical twin sisters from Canada, who make a variety of content. On Twitch, Julia streams games like Minecraft and Outlast, with Lauren doing lots of ‘Just Chatting’ streams.

Their combined follower count is a little under 100,000, but it’s their TikTok content that is the driving force behind their popularity.

On TikTok Julia has 2.5 million followers, with Lauren at 6.2 million. Lauren has gained over 1.5 million followers in the last 30 days as of Feburary 14.

They tend to focus their content on lip-syncing like many other popular creators on the app, but combine this with cosplay and comedy, with some fans describing them a ‘real-life anime girls.’

Why are Julia and Lauren Burch popular?

The pastel gamer aesthetic has been hugely popular recently, with people’s gaming steups even going viral for their vibrant decoration, and the twins seem to slot right into that aesthetic.

In many of their TikToks, they feature anime-related clothing and merchandise, as well as show off their highly coveted pastel set up.

They regularly get hundreds of thousands of views on their TikToks and it only seems to be increasing by the day, as more people are encountering them on their For You Pages.

Jumping on Sounds that are hugely popular across TikTok as a whole, as well as ones more popular in anime communities, Julia and Lauren are finding a wider audience on the app every day, and their follower count is looking like it will continue to increase.