Who is Angelika Oles? Gabbie Hanna feud with UK YouTuber continues

Angelika Oles Gabbie Hanna YouTube feudInstagram: gabbiehanna/angelikaoles._

YouTuber Angelika Oles is the latest target in a long line of Gabbie Hanna feuds. From poetry wars to criminal justice, it seems like the pair are constantly (and publicly) arguing over something. But, who exactly is Angelika Oles? How long has there been animosity?

Angelika Oles is a UK-based YouTuber who runs a drama channel of the same name. She initially found her loyal following through commentating on other small, UK-based YouTube channels. Back in 2018, her topics of choice were that of British lifestyle channels Saffron Barker and Zoella.

Angelika first spoke publicly about Gabbie on December 19, 2018. The video, entitled “is Gabbie Hanna a SCAMMER (sic) and a LIAR?” addressed the infamous ‘monster’ meme. But Gabbie is far from the only target within Angelika’s firing line. James Charles, Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau are also frequently discussed on the channel.

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Angelika Oles talks about Gabbie Hanna 2018Angelika’s first video about Gabbie was posted on December 19, 2018

Why are Gabbie and Angelika feuding?

At the heart of this fiery feud lies an extremely serious situation. The Bianca Devins story has touched a nerve with many YouTubers and influencers over the last year. In January 2020, Gabbie Hanna included a photo of Bianca in her video “Transforming into a TikTok E-Girl.” Many viewers thought Gabbie was making light of the situation, which lead to widespread controversy.

Angelika was one of the first larger YouTubers to call Gabbie out at the time. She accused Gabbie of being a “sh**ty human being,” and claimed it “blows my mind how unaware she is.” After Gabbie’s February apology, it seems as if things were quietening down.

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On June 26, 2021, Gabbie re-ignited the feud. She released a video titled “Hold Tea Channels Accountable (Justice for Bianca Devins).” Gabbie defended herself to her subscribers and accused Angelika Oles of profiting from the tragedy. “People… were using her name in their thumbnails,” she said. “Angelika Oles said she didn’t and then got f**king caught in 4K.”

Gabbie Hanna June 2021 YouTubeGabbie Hanna vehemently defended herself in YouTube video posted in June

Angelika made her final statement in a tweet posted June 30. In the tweet, Angelika shared a screenshot (with permission) of Bianca Devins’ mom stating, “I didn’t feel you harmed my family.”

On July 1, Gabbie posted a video directly addressing Angelika herself. “Angelika Oles took her obsession… to a whole new f**king level,” she said. “Instead of sharing the petition… she made it about me!”

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As of July 9, the feud is still ongoing.

Not the first feud…

Angelika and Gabbie have butted heads before. On April 20, 2021, the pair had a public spat on Twitter regarding Gabbie’s poetry scandal. Angelika addressed Gabbie’s feud with YouTuber Rachel Oates, stating “calling someone a bully… while being a bully back is an interesting way to go about things.”

Gabbie pulled no punches in clapping back at Angelika, however. “Shut the f**k up, Angelika, get back to law school… why are you involving yourself, attention seeker?”

Will the two ever come to some kind of agreement? Will the feud end in stalemate? Or will the pair continue to battle it out indefinitely?

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