Where is Dizzy? Former NRG Apex Legends star missing from the internet

Andrew Amos
Dizzy playing Apex Legends for NRG EsportsTwitter: ApexLegends

Coby ‘Dizzy’ Meadows was without a doubt the best Apex Legends player on the planet. The NRG star took over the esport and Twitch with his insane skills on King’s Canyon. However, he’s been totally silent on social media in 2020, leaving fans wondering about his return.

Dizzy was known for his antics in Apex Legends. Thousands flocked to his stream, as well as whatever pro event he was playing in, to watch him strut his stuff. He mopped up everyone he came across on King’s Canyon.

However, in 2020, the once-star of NRG has been silent across Twitch, Twitter, and the internet as a whole. While he was set to take off in a different direction in 2020, retiring from pro play in late 2019, many of his fans didn’t expect him to step back entirely.

Nearing on six months since the last time Dizzy made an appearance, when can we expect Dizzy to return?


Where is Dizzy?

Where Dizzy is, well no one really knows. There are some things we do know though. The last time Dizzy posted on social media was on July 5, sharing some Valorant clips on his Instagram.

The Apex Legends star decided to make the swap to Valorant pretty much instantly after it was announced and the closed beta launched.

However, he hasn’t really done much in that scene ⁠— he played in the T1 Invitational back in April, coming second to Brax’s squad. He also played in the Twitch Rivals Launch Showdown in June.

It comes after the 20-year-old said he was going to dedicate himself to his stream in 2020, after retiring from professional Apex Legends.

When did Dizzy last stream on Twitch?

He last streamed on June 28, playing a few variety games on stream. While he was more active in the first half of the year, since then, there’s been nothing but silence.

He still has nearly 800,000 followers on Twitch, despite making the transition to Valorant over his stomping ground of Apex Legends. He last streamed Apex in Dec. 2019, before swapping to CS:GO to prep himself for Valorant.

Dizzy playing Apex Legends for NRG EsportsTwitter: ApexLegends
Dizzy doesn’t look set to return to Twitch any time soon.

When will Dizzy be back?

When Dizzy will be back no one really knows. He made no indication of returning any time soon in his last Twitter post on July 2, when he mourned the loss of popular streamer Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein.

No matter if you followed Dizzy for Apex Legends, Valorant, or another reason entirely, he could randomly pop up sometime soon like he was doing sporadically back in June and July. However, his fans shouldn’t hold their breath.