Where do the Love is Blind engagement rings come from?

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While watching Netflix reality show Love is Blind, many viewers have wondered where the engagement rings come from, and who pays for them. If you’re curious about the same thing, here’s everything to know.

Love is Blind is a reality dating show where contestants have to get to know each other from within purpose-built pods, where they can only communicate through their voices, and can’t see each other face-to-face.

If a proposal is accepted, a couple can leave their pods and finally meet face-to-face. After this, they’ll be given the opportunity to get to know each other, before they decide whether or not to go ahead with the marriage.

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While watching the proposal scenes, many have wondered where the rings come from, and who pays for them. Here’s everything to know.

Did Love is Blind pay for the rings?

Yes, the engagement rings on Love is Blind are paid for by the show.

The men are reportedly able to choose from a limited selection of natural diamond engagement rings before they enter the pods. These rings are supplied by Bridal Rings Company.

In an interview with ET, series creator Chris Coelen said: “Once they decided to get engaged, they were given a couple of choices should they want to take us up on that. That was, again, their choice.

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“Since they were in the facility and weren’t able to go out into the “real world” at that point, they couldn’t have been able to go [to a shop]. We wouldn’t have allowed them to at that point. It’s obviously such a gigantic moment in people’s lives that we wanted it to be as authentic to them as it possibly could be.”

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Love is Blind Season 4 begins on March 24.

Are all the rings on Love is Blind the same?

No, the rings on Love is Blind are not all the same.

In an interview with Variety, series creator Chris Coelen revealed that contestants actually have a range of “10 or 12 different styles and colors” to choose from.

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Who pays for the Love is Blind wedding?

Love is Blind weddings are paid for by the show.

Series creator Chris Coelen revealed to Newsweek that everything is provided for the couples, but that, “If there’s anything over and above what we would normally do then [the couples] are most certainly welcome to do that.”

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