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Where are Sophia Grace and Rosie now? Viral child stars return to Ellen

Published: 13/May/2022 14:43

by Georgina Smith


Sophia Grace & Rosie first went viral online in 2011 with their video singing Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ and their subsequent appearance on Ellen — but where are the child stars now over a decade later?

In September 2011, eight-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee and five-year-old Rosie McClelland went viral on YouTube with a cover version of Nicki Minaj’s wildly popular song ‘Super Bass.’ The adorable video took the internet by storm, and now has over 54 million views on YouTube.

Shortly after, the cousins were invited onto The Ellen Show where they went viral yet again when they met Nicki in person and had the opportunity to perform with her.


The girls were so popular that they then became recurring cast members on the show, getting their own segment where they interviewed stars like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Over ten years have gone by now since they first went viral, so where are the two stars now?

Sophia Grace & Rosie return to The Ellen Show

On May 12, 2022, Sophia Grace & Rosie surprised viewers when they returned to The Ellen Show, 11 years after their first appearance.

Sitting down with Ellen again, the two stars recounted some of their favorite moments from their time on the show, such as meeting Justin Bieber, Drake, and of course Nicki Minaj.

The pair have both released music since their rise to fame, with Sophia Grace promoting her new hit ‘Little Things,’ and Rosie with her latest song ‘Safe in Your Love.’


It’s safe to say that viewers were stunned to see how much the girls have changed since they first appeared on the show. One comment with nearly 10,000 likes read: “Rosie is now a lot more confident and Sophia seems to still have the same enthusiasm and energy and love to see [they’re] now singing together.”

“Could not have ended the show without having the girls on! It’s so wonderful to see they are so successful now doing what they love – music,” said another.

The girls also garnered millions of views on TikTok for their videos about their final appearance on the show, with fans stunned to see them back on the show over a decade later.