Why is Tfue Banned from Twitch and When Will He Unbanned? Everything We Know

Professional Fortnite player and content creator, Tfue, had his Twitch channel banned on August 23 just hours after reaching 30,000 subscribers.

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*Update – He was unbanned on September 6*

The face of the FaZe Clan Fortnite team has had his fair share of controversy since blowing up in popularity in 2018, including bans on both his Twitch channel and in-game courtesy of Epic Games.

Tfue’s latest ban on Aug 23 remained a mystery for some time, with speculation ranging from his chat posting racist comments when he hosted someone, through to a hacker gaining access and shutting it down.

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It was finally worked out that Tfue received a some time ban for saying “I have aids” while on stream that fateful night.

His Dad later confirmed via his Instagram page that he’d been suspended by Twitch for using one of their 1600 banned words.

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It was later confirmed by Tfue’s teammate, Cloazky, that he will be unbanned on Tuesday, September 4.

At the time of writing it’s not currently confirmed what time he’ll be going live on his channel if the ban is lifted.

After traveling back from competing at the Summer Skirmish event at PAX West in Seattle, it’s unlikely he’ll be live until late on in the day if it is possible.