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When is Ninja returning to streaming?

Published: 6/Sep/2020 13:04

by Andy Williams


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a titan of the streaming realm, but when will he be returning to livestreaming? And will he be on Twitch, YouTube, or somewhere else?

After Facebook Gaming acquired Mixer as part of Microsoft’s attempts to shut down the streaming service, the platform’s biggest stars opted to jump ship and take their talents elsewhere.

While Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has inked his exclusive deal with Twitch, which saw the former Mixer star return to his streaming roots, Ninja is yet to commit to a specific platform.


While Blevins has previously streamed on YouTube on July 8 and then on Twitch on August 5, he has been almost radio silent on the streaming front ever since. So when exactly is Ninja returning to streaming?

Ninja in his streaming setup.
RedBull / Ninja
Aside from two livestreams, Ninja has been virtually AFK since his Mixer departure.

Ninja’s streaming return

Well, we don’t know. What we do know, however, is that the 29-year-old has been actively gaming throughout his hiatus from streaming. So it’s clear that he hasn’t fallen out of love with gaming.

It’s likely that Ninja’s camp are trying to figure out the logistics of an exclusive deal with an existing livestreaming platform. Although, given his status, it’s also plausible that Ninja could form his own exclusive platform.


While the above is entirely speculative, one thing’s for certain — Blevins wants to get back to streaming “ASAP,” as he detailed in a Tweet on September 5.

Where will Ninja stream?

Given that Ninja has only gone live on both YouTube and Twitch once since the Mixer shut down — albeit for only for around two hours — there is no clear front runner.

Both livestreams were likely ‘pilot’ broadcasts (which are often used as a bargaining chip during negotiations for an exclusive deal), to determine which platform would be most suitable moving forward.

Ninja built his legacy on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, but given that things were left on a somewhat sour note following his Twitch exit — whereby Blevins was “disgusted” after the platform inadvertently promoted inappropriate content on his channel page — there is no clear favorite.


Ninja during Mixer announcement.
Mixer / Ninja
Ninja’s Mixer deal was the first of its kind in the world of streaming.

Of course, as mentioned previously, it’s entirely possible that Ninja could up sticks and stream on his own platform. This would likely serve as a one-stop-shop for everything Ninja related (from his streaming and video content to his merchandise), but would come with its own inherent risks.

While there’s no clear-cut answer to ‘when’ or ‘where’ as of yet, diehard fans of the streamer can still keep up-to-date via his YouTube channel, where he still uploads videos from a plethora of different games.