What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: NikkieTutorials robbed at gunpoint, Epic vs Apple, more

YouTube: Jake Paul, shroud, Nikkie Tutorials

One of YouTube’s biggest makeup moguls is robbed at gunpoint, Jake Paul comes clean about the FBI raid, and shroud returns to Twitch after Mixer’s shutdown… This week was chock full of insane moments, and we’ve got all the tea you need to stay updated on the madness.

So… what’s brewing?

NikkieTutorials robbed at gunpoint

nikkietutorials posing for selfieInstagram: @nikkietutorials
YouTube star and beauty guru NikkieTutorials revealed that she’d been robbed at gunpoint, but assured fans that both she and her fiance, Dylan, were physically safe.

Who’s involved? Nikkie de Jager, otherwise known by her online moniker ‘NikkieTutorials,’ is one of YouTube’s most popular beauty gurus, who went viral in January after being forced to come out as transgender due to an unidentified blackmailer.

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What’s the tea? Fans of the YouTuber grew increasingly concerned after a Dutch news outlet reported that an armed robbery had taken place a property on August 8, claiming that at least three people were involved and one injured.

Nikkie gave viewers an update via social media, revealing that the terrifying incident had, indeed, taken place at her home, and that she and her fiance Dylan had been “attacked” by the robber.

“Earlier today, one of my biggest nightmares became reality when we got robbed under gunpoint at our own home,” she wrote. “Dylan and myself got attacked, but physically, we’re okay. Mentally, it’s a whole other story.”

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Nikkie has also stated that she is taking time away from social media to recuperate with fans’ blessings — but with both and armed robbery and blackmail happening to the star, we have to wonder who exactly has it out for one of YouTube’s sweetest content creators, and why?

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Jake Paul opens up about FBI investigation

Jake Paul speaks to the camera near a boxing ring.YouTube: Jake Paul / DAZN
YouTuber and Team 10 founder Jake Paul took to social media to debunk the “absurd” rumors surrounding the FBI raid on his Calabasas mansion.

Who’s involved? YouTube star and Team 10 founder Jake Paul shocked the net after his Calabasas mansion was raided by the FBI on August 5, as well as the Graffiti Mansion of his pseudo-manager, Armani Izadi.

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Reports revealed that the raid was in connection with Paul’s appearance at an Arizona looting in late May, with officers confiscating a “small militia’s” worth of weapons from the premises.

What’s the tea? While Paul was silent for a long while on the subject, he took to Instagram to reiterate that the FBI’s investigation was only in relation to the looting — and also spoke at some length about what some fans feel could be a connection to allegations against Izadi.

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“…when I become aware of someone around me who is doing malicious things, they are immediately cut out of my life,” Paul said. “I don’t put up with bulls**t, I don’t surround myself with bad people, and if someone does something bad, they will be removed from my life.”

Although the star hasn’t revealed if his comments were, indeed, in reference to Izadi, his statement follows a very serious allegation of sexual assault against the Graffiti Mansion owner just a few days prior — allegations that follow Izadi’s previous guilty pleas of pandering and assault.

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Epic Games vs Apple

Fortnite mobile on a smart phone.Epic Games
Epic Games is taking legal action against both Apple and Google after it was banned from the App Store for introducing an exclusive payment method for V-Bucks.

Who’s involved? Epic Games, best known for creating battle royale sensation Fortnite, and tech giant Apple are in the midst of a heated legal battle — and they’re taking their players along for the ride.

What’s the tea? On August 13, the internet erupted with news that Epic was suing Apple, after the publisher introduced an exclusive V-Bucks payment method for the game’s mobile iteration through the App Store.

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Epic Games' official lawsuit against Apple.Epic Games
Epic Games’ official lawsuit against Apple.

This didn’t escape Apple’s notice, who promptly removed the game from the App Store — but Epic was quick to respond.

After filing a lawsuit against the company, Epic even introduced an in-game event decrying the company’s Orwellian policies, taking shots at its classic 1984 commercial (as well as referencing the famous novel, 1984, which details extreme violations of privacy in its fictional universe).

That’s not all; Epic even filed a lawsuit against Google, leading to one of the biggest corporate wars we’ve ever seen — and one of the most ridiculous, considering Epic’s comical response to the subject.

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Shroud returns to Twitch

Shroud smiles into the camera with his new goatee.Twitch: Shroud
Shroud returned to Twitch on August 12, boasting massive numbers in his highly-anticipated comeback stream.

Who’s involved? Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is one of gaming’s biggest personalities, being a former esports pro who’s pivoted to full-time streaming.

What’s the tea? While shroud formerly made his home on Twitch, he shocked the industry by making an exclusive deal with Mixer, hopping to Amazon’s competitor platform in what began a string of similar deals with other broadcasters.

However, Mixer’s abrupt shutdown and merge with Facebook Gaming in late June left shroud without a home, leaving fans confused and hopeful as to his next moves.

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After reassuring viewers that he was “figuring out next steps,” the streaming giant has once again “come home” to Twitch in a broadcast that rivaled some of the site’s biggest records at 516k viewers on his August 12 comeback show.