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What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: Bryce Hall & Addison Rae, Pokimane’s “boyfriend”, more

Published: 2/Aug/2020 17:18 Updated: 2/Aug/2020 17:40

by Virginia Glaze


The week may have ended, but the internet drama just doesn’t stop! From Twitch star Neekolul addressing her past arrest, Pokimane reacting to relationship rumors, and Bryce Hall finally spilling the beans about his romance with Addison Rae, we’ve got all the tea you need to stay on top of what’s going on online.

So… What’s brewing?

Neekolul responds to claims of being arrested for assault

Neekolul speaks to the camera in her streaming room.
YouTube: Neekolul
Twitch star Neekolul spoke out about her arrest in 2018, after an article brought up the issue in wake of her signage to 100 Thieves.

Who’s involved? Twitch star and the “Okay Boomer” girl of TikTok fame, Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez, met a huge milestone in her career after being signed with esports org 100 Thieves — but it seems that some are trying to sabotage her success by bringing up her past.

What’s the tea? An article published on July 22 claimed that Neeko had been arrested in May 2018 for assaulting a spouse or cohabitant — a claim that Dexerto was able to verify, with Fresno court documents showing she had been arrested on charges of corporal injury.

Neekolul court records, showing that she had been charged with corporal injury.
Superior Court of California, County of Fresno
Fresno court records show that Neekolul had been charged with corporal injury against a cohabitant.

Neeko has since responded to the incident, claiming in private messages with YouTuber ‘Scarce’ that she had not been sent to prison as the article claimed, but was instead required to complete 12 anger management classes.

“The article is talking about an incident in which there was an argument where I hit the person who was abusive to me,” she clarified. “When I hit him, it was a reaction to what was happening in the moment and how I was feeling — I knew it was escalating to where he was going to hit me, and I was genuinely angry and hating him for the way he treated me.”

Neekolul denies claims of having been sent to prison during her 2018 incident regarding corporal injury against a cohabitant.
Scarce, YouTube
Neeklul spoke out on the court records in a conversation with YouTuber ‘Scarce’ in late July.

Despite the 2018 incident, Neekolul has managed to escape her abusive relationship and work toward building a huge presence on social media — one that has continued to climb upward for the star.

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Mr Beast’s impossible riddle solved in 8 hours

Mr Beast stands next to a white board that reads,
YouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast’s impossible riddle was solved by fans within eight hours of going live in spite of his claims that it was the “hardest riddle the internet has ever seen.”

Who’s involved? Mr Beast, one of YouTube’s most popular creators and an internet philanthropist, orchestrated yet another insane challenge for his fans in the form of a seemingly impossible riddle on July 30.

Wait… a riddle? Well… sort of. Mr Beast’s challenge — one he claimed was so tough it was “the hardest riddle the internet has ever seen” — was actually a complex, 26-step puzzle, and more like a wild goose chase with a series of hints and color-coded letters along the way.

Despite hyping it up as a “roller coaster” of an ordeal, it looks like fans worked together to solve the impossible puzzle in just eight hours. What do you know — humanity isn’t doomed, after all!

How did fans solve it? According to Mr Beast, players had even created a Discord channel with “hundreds of people” working on the riddle. He’s right when he said that his challenge “didn’t stand a chance” — not when there was a $100k prize up for grabs, that is.

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Pokimane reacts to drama around her relationship status

Pokimane smiles next to the silhouette of a man.
Pokimane, Twitch / Pixabay
Twitch star Pokimane had a hilarious clapback to drama surrounding her relationship status.

Who’s involved? Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is massive name in the streaming world, boasting over 5 million followers on both Twitch and YouTube.

Why are people obsessed with her love life? As one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, it makes sense that fans are more than curious about her relationship status than most. However, YouTuber ‘LeafyisHere’ claimed that Poki had been hiding a boyfriend from her “simp” fans — seeming to accuse her of leading on her male viewers.

How did she respond? Thanks to Leafy’s video, the hashtag “pokimaneboyfriend” began trending on Twitter, prompting Poki to chime in on the drama — and her response was absolute gold.

Rather than dishing on her potential partner, the streamer uploaded a selfie with a cardboard cutout of Barack Obama, writing, “It’s time to come clean.”

In spite of the backlash around the entire ordeal, it doesn’t look like Poki is letting the drama get her down — and even knows how to find the fun in such an awkward situation.

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PewDiePie responds to Joe Rogan’s video game comments

PewDiePie and Joe Rogan look at the camera,
YouTube: PewDiePie, Joe Rogan
YouTube king PewDiePie weighed in with his long-awaited take on Joe Rogan’s divisive comments about video games, jokingly calling the podcast host a “boomer.”

Who’s involved? Famous podcast host Joe Rogan incited the ire of the video game world by calling video games a “problem” and a “waste of time” during a July 26 broadcast, prompting YouTube king and noted gamer Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg to weigh in on the subject.

What did Pewds say? Kjellberg wasted no time clowning on Rogan’s comparison of video games to martial arts, initially calling him a “boomer” for the obvious generational gap between the podcast host and younger gamers.

However, PewDiePie also acknowledged that there was some truth in what Rogan had to say about the subject, and encouraged his viewers to find balance in life between their hobbies and responsibilities.

“I guess what I’m saying is, find a balance,” he mused. “By all means enjoy video games, it’s a great hobby, it’s super fun. …But also find a balance. I think that’s what makes life fun, doing different things.”

PewDiePie’s comments come in wake of other top names in the gaming space weighing in on the debate, with Ninja, Dr Lupo and more also airing their own opinions on a topic that has since gone viral across social media.

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Bryce Hall finally reveals why he isn’t dating Addison Rae

Addison Rae hugs Bryce Hall
Addison Rae, Instagram
TikToker Bryce Hall finally came clean about his romance with Addison Rae – leaving fans even more confused than before.

Who’s involved? TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been an uber-popular item among fans for quite some time, seeming to tease an undercover relationship by appearing in each other’s videos and social media posts.

What’s the tea? After a brief hiatus, ‘Braddison’ has once again taken over the net, with the TikTokers being caught out on dates by paparazzi and even engaging in not-so-subtle PDA — and the internet wants to know why they keep denying their relationship status.

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Hall appeared on a July 30 episode of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, where he finally cleared up the confusing situation by admitting that he simply hasn’t mustered up the courage to officially ask Rae out yet.

“Honestly, I’m not like a really romantic guy,” he said. “Like, I am so bad at expressing my feelings and stuff. …but I am gonna do something, if I decide, ‘Hey, let’s do it’ — it’s gonna be dope.”

(Topic begins at 7:32)

While it might seem odd to fans, it appears that this couple is simply taking things slow and “testing the waters” — a welcome change from the fast-paced marriage between Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul.

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From TikTok’s hottest couple finally giving fans the lowdown on their relationship to Pokimane clapping back at backlash around her own love life, it seems that the internet is deeply interested in influencers’ personal affairs this week.

What do you think of Pokimane’s response? How do you feel about PewDiePie’s comments on the Joe Rogan situation? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending and comment what you think the biggest story of this week was!

Stay tuned to Dexerto for another round of What’s Brewing next week!


Stormzy drops ‘Rainfall’ music video in Watch Dogs, and it actually slaps

Published: 23/Oct/2020 2:14

by Isaac McIntyre


Stormzy has officially made his Watch Dogs Legion debut with the release of his ‘Rainfall’ music video, which was filmed entirely inside Ubisoft’s upcoming trilogy sequel and if we’re being honest, the whole thing is kind of awesome.

Every day another celebrity seems to find their way into the digital world. This year, Ninja and Aussie Twitch streamer Loserfruit were both added to Fortnite. Then, just last month, Dr Disrespect had a unique variant skin and themed ‘Arena’ map he designed released in Rogue Company.

Now it’s British grime rapper Stormzy’s turn, in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The rapper, 27, released a music video for his new single “Rainfall” on Thursday, Oct. 22, with a bit of a twist ⁠— the entire clip was filmed in Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel.

A digital Stormzy first appeared in a virtual studio, singing his new single. The scenery soon changed, however, and he was transported ⁠— all in-game ⁠— to the rooftops of London, where the new Watch Dogs sequel will mainly be taking place.

Here’s the new music video, featuring Tiana Major9, in all its glory.

This isn’t the only time Stormzy will be appearing in Watch Dogs Legion either. When the full Legion title drops on Oct. 29, players will get the chance to team-up with the grime rapper, or at least a virtual version of him, for an exclusive side-quest.

The mission, “Fall on My Enemies,” is a reference to Stomrzy’s lyrics in ‘Rainfall.’ 

When accepted, players will be tasked with “protecting the broadcast of the music video across the entire city.” Ubisoft has yet to confirm how long the mission will be, or whether it has any major bearing on the main Watch Dogs storyline.

Stormzy first revealed his collaboration back in September. He said, “You lot are about to have your minds blown. What [Ubisoft] have done in terms of recreating London is one of the most insane, epic, incredible things I’ve ever seen.”

Stormzy 'filmed' his entire Rainfall music video inside Watch Dogs: Legion.
YouTube: Stormzy
Stormzy ‘filmed’ his entire Rainfall music video inside Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Watch Dogs devs said they were “thrilled” to have Stormzy onboard. “His music and what he speaks to as an artist is extremely relevant for our London setting, and for the larger themes of our game. He lit up the room… it was a career highlight for us to get to work with him.”

Ubisoft has confirmed the exclusive Stormzy Rainfall mission will be available from day one in Watch Dogs Legion, and will require no additional DLC patches to play.

The Watch Dogs trilogy sequel will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on Thursday, October 29. The title will also be ported to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 when the next-gen consoles are released in late 2020.