What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: Alinity admits Twitch should have banned her, Griffin Johnson apologizes to Dixie D’Amelio & more

Twitch: Alinity / YouTube: Dixie D'Amelio, James Charles

This week has certainly been a doozy! From TikTok star Griffin Johnson finally apologizing to ex-girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio to YouTube also issuing a statement toward Markiplier and Cr1TiKaL over a confusing video strike, it seems like things keep getting more and more wild — and we’ve got all the tea to keep you up-to-date with the drama.

So… What’s brewing?

Alinity admits Twitch should have banned her over cat scandal

Alinity speaks to her audience in her stream setup.Twitch: Alinity
Alinity admitted that she should have received a ban from Twitch after her cat-tossing scandal from last year.

Who’s involved? Alinity Divine is a high-profile Twitch streamer, best known for her humorous gaming broadcasts, hilarious interactions with fans, and having an entire family of furry friends.

What’s the tea? Alinity came under fire in 2019 after tossing her pet cat, Milo, over her head during a heated game of Apex Legends, during which the feline had decided to make his home on her keyboard.

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What ensued was a slew of backlash against the streamer, with many accusing her of animal abuse. However, following an investigation from the Saskatoon SPCA, no abusive behavior was found in the home and Alinity was able to keep her pets.

What did Alinity say about the drama? Over a year later, Alinity has publicly admitted that she considered harmful actions toward herself after receiving continuous harassment online following the incident — but she’s not avoiding accountability, either.

In a livestream on August 30, Alinity admitted that she should have been banned over the scandal, stating, “I know people that have been banned for smaller things than what happened with me, with the cat thing… I should have been banned. Maybe a suspension. I don’t know [how long the ban should have been]. Like a week? It was pretty bad.”

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YouTube issues public apology to Markiplier & Cr1TiKaL

YouTubers Markiplier and Critikal speak to their audiencesYouTube: Markiplier / Penguinz0
YouTube issued a public apology to creators Markiplier and Cr1TiKaL after removing their videos reacting to a viral clip.

Who’s involved? Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach and Charles ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White are two of YouTube’s longstanding stars, who rose to fame nearly a decade ago on the platform and have continued to maintain their stardom status.

What’s the tea? Despite their largely unproblematic natures, both YouTubers found a certain reaction video of theirs banned, after YouTube claimed that a certain clip found within contained “violent and graphic content.”

Cr1TiKaL was the first of the two to get hit with a strike, with his video being removed shortly thereafter. Markiplier stood in solidarity with his fellow influencer and found that his own video, which contained commentary over a similar clip, was also removed, leading to mass outrage against the platform.

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What did YouTube do in response? A day after the scandal took over the internet, YouTube issued a public apology to both creators, clarifying that their videos had been restored and that the issue was an “over-enforcement of our policies.”

Luckily, both Mark and Cr1TiKaL are taking the response well, and are hopeful that his means further openness and communication from a site that continues to come under criticism for its often confusing decisions.

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Griffin Johnson finally apologizes to Dixie D’Amelio

Griffin Johnson recording YouTube videoYouTube: Griffin Johnson
Griffin Johnson has finally released a statement regarding his split with ex-girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio after being hounded by fans to speak about the situation.

Who’s involved? Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio are two of TikTok’s most popular content creators, best known for their once “goals” relationship — before the Hype House’s Chase Hudson accused him of cheating on his now ex-girlfriend, that is.

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What’s the tea? After these cheating accusations went viral in July, it seemed that Dixie and Griffin had parted ways, a theory that was later hinted at by Dixie on social media.

However, despite her pleas for fans to stop harassing him in wake of Chase’s allegations, Dixie hardcore shaded her ex in late August, leading to yet another brigade against the Sway House icon.

Did Griffin end up making amends? Well… yes and no. Initially seeming to take the hate in good spirits, Griffin would often make fun of the situation, and even uploaded a fake apology video that actually addressed a “bet” between himself and TikToker Bryce Hall.

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However, Griffin finally broke down shortly after Dixie claimed to have “48 screenshots” with proof that he cheated, prompting him to wish his ex-girlfriend well and even give his blessing to her apparent romance with Noah Beck.

While things still don’t seem hunky dory between the two, at least fans can rest easy knowing he’s finally put the situation past him — but we doubt the trolls are going to be satisfied, regardless.

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Emma Chamberlain & James Charles finally reunite

James Charles and Emma Chamberlain wave at the cameraYouTube: James Charles
James Charles and Emma Chamberlain shocked the net by reuniting this week, years after the “Sister Squad” seemed to be disbanded.

Who’s involved? The “Sister Squad” was once one of YouTube’s biggest unofficial content collectives, made up of the Dolan Twins, makeup mogul James Charles, and then-rising star Emma Chamberlain.

What’s the tea? While the group was once close, they appeared to disband over a year ago, leading fans to wonder if some unresolved drama had taken hold of the squad. Some felt that bad blood had erupted between Ethan Dolan and Emma, as the two were speculated to have dated behind the scenes — but nothing was confirmed, and the gang stopped collaborating for some time.

Will they ever get back together? Possibly! Emma shocked the net by collaborating with James Charles in a series of videos on September 1, leading viewers to hope against hope that the “Sister Squad” could be making a long-awaited comeback. Although the two didn’t divulge what had happened between them, it does seem like the two stopped being friends for quite awhile — but luckily, they seem to be back on good terms, and we’re *so* here for it!

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SeaNanners makes his return to YouTube

SeaNanners in a YouTube videoYouTube: SeaNanners
SeaNanners returned to YouTube after a previously unexplained 2 year break.

Who’s involved? Adam ‘SeaNanners’ Montoya was a huge face on YouTube for quite some time, best known for his hilarious video game content that quickly shot him to the top of the site’s gaming community.

What’s the tea? SeaNanners took an unexpected hiatus from content creation in 2018, leading to a two-year-long break that had users concerned and puzzled as to why he stepped away. However, he finally made his return on August 29, 2020, with a lengthy video explaining his absence.

Why did he leave? According to SeaNanners, he’d been suffering from mental health issues, citing depression, anxiety and anger as reasons why he needed to step back and improve upon himself.

“I spent a lot of time uploading videos. But I haven’t spent a lot of time on myself,” he explained. “My life had sort of become stagnant. I didn’t know where to go, who I was, what was happening.”

While the YouTuber is currently in the process of “feeling out” his next steps, fans are overjoyed at his comeback and are patiently waiting to see what’s to come of his content creating career.

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From one of YouTube’s biggest stars finally making his long-awaited return to one of Twitch’s most divisive streamers admitting that she should have been banned, it seems that this week just keeps the shockers coming! What do you think of Alinity’s thoughts on the cat-tossing scandal? Do you think Griffin receives too much hate for his breakup with Dixie? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending and comment what you think the biggest story of this week was!

Stay tuned to Dexerto for another round of What’s Brewing next week!