What is Video 1444? Gruesome viral YouTube video explained

by Albert Petrosyan


There is a gruesome "curse" video called 'Video 1444' going around YouTube and social media that has garnered a lot of attention, although no one seems to know how it came to be.

Despite being frowned upon by main online media and social platforms, videos displaying real-life scenes of horror remain a staple of the internet's darker corners.

The latest example of this is a rather disturbing 17-second clip that shows a man committing suicide by using a rifle to shoot himself in the head.

The man can be heard saying something in Russian, which appeared to be "goodbye," before pulling the trigger and exposing all of the brutal visuals of the self-execution.

How did Video 1444 come to be?

It was first published around October 19 on a YouTube channel called 'GORE,' and by the time it was taken down and the page deleted 16 hours later, it had already been re-posted many times.

Eventually, over that weekend, the clip ended up going viral and creating a trend online where people began to re-upload it with their titles and captions. 

Video 1444 is believed to have been first published in Russia.

What is the meaning behind Video 1444?

The identity of the man and the origins of the video are unknown, and it's not yet clear whether what is shown in it is authentic or faked.

As for the name, there's nothing that sheds light on what it means, other than that the terms was included in the titles of many of the re-uploaded versions, which is why it's what's being used as the main reference.

Since being initially posted, it has turned into a "curse" video, and the people who watch it are warned that they will be cursed if they don't reply to it with the date of the suicide, which was October 20 locally. 

As some on Reddit have suggested, the video was probably made as an internet prank to spook gullible people into thinking they would be cursed. 

Users should be careful when receiving YouTube and Twitter video links.

Beware of baits on social media and YouTube

As gruesome as the video already is, some people have managed to take it to the next level by baiting others to see it without being told ahead of time.

Users on Twitter have taken innocent-looking screenshots of the clip to hide its true contents, while others are being sent a link to it disguised as a different YouTube video.

Also, some have reported seeing it pop up via autoplay on YouTube, so it may be a good idea to turn off that feature to avoid accidentally having the clip start playing. 

The existence of this video is very disturbing, so we advise everyone to remain vigilant with all links and tweets as long as it's still floating around the internet.

If you do not want to watch the video, then don't open anything online that may even look remotely suspicious, and if you do, then be very careful.