What is TikTok’s ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ trend? Viral beauty hashtag makes a comeback

TikTok American Girl Doll TeethTikTok: thattallgirltay/kaelynrupprecht/who.is.hannah

The infamous ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ trend has resurfaced on TikTok for the first time since January 2021. Thousands of girls have based this new beauty standard on the Mattel-owned brand. But, what do ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ look like – and why does everyone want them? 

American Girl Dolls have been around since the dawn of time itself (May 1986). They’ve repeatedly been the subject of memes since the early 2010s; from the demanding Vine girl to the fake ‘Karen’ ad.

The renaissance of the American Girl Doll, however, came in January 2021. TikToker @_evies_life posted a video claiming that “girls” try to “show their top teeth when talking,” while the dolls “don’t even have to try.”

The video sparked an influx of young women on TikTok trying to figure out whether they have ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ or not. #AmericanGirlDollTeeth currently stands at over 13 million views. Those that did have the beauty staple seemed incredibly happy about it!

tiktokers do american girl doll teethTikTok: gemma.remmy/sarahlouiserhodes/hannahbry
The ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ TikTok trend has been empowering for young women

So… what actually are American Girl Doll teeth?

Before TikTok, it’s safe to say no-one ever paid attention to the teeth of American Girl Dolls. While you’re dressing them up, creating fantasy worlds and living your best life; the orthodontics of the piece of plastic in front of you is likely to be far from your mind.

The dolls each have the same set of slightly-bucked front teeth that rest on their bottom lip. This pearly smile has lasted for over two decades, and unlikely to change anytime soon.

The smile has become a main-stay of TikTok e-Girl culture. Alongside the winged liner, curtain bangs and Monster High merch; American Girl Doll teeth is an absolute must.

Twitter users took the trend less seriously

While Stan Twitter have been posting their faves inadvertently following the trend, other Twitter users have been parodying the hashtag. User Julia Pershing even compared it to The Simpsons’ Nelson Muntz.

Users had mixed reactions upon realizing they too have American Girl Doll teeth. “#Normalize American Girl Doll teeth,” said one user. “I have it and I’m proud.”

“Ever since realizing I have american (sic) girl doll teeth I have not known peace,” admitted another.

With ‘American Girl Doll Cankles’ also on the rise, it’s impossible to predict where this trend will go next.