What is #YADINHO? Brazilian Twitch love story goes viral

Luke Edwards
Yayah and Lindinho, aka #YADINHO
Twitter: Yayahuz

The hashtag #YADINHO has been all over Twitter in the last couple days, as it tracks a love story between content creators Lindinho and Yayah.

Twitch has broadcasted many romantic moments over the years. Pretty much every Valentine’s Day, at least one prominent streamer will propose to their partner live on the platform, and romances between streamers aren’t rare.

However, very rarely does a romantic story capture the imagination quite like that of #YADINHO. In a nutshell, the hashtag celebrates the romantic relationship between two popular Brazilian streamers.

This hasn’t stopped the hashtag from confusing people and organizations alike, with the likes of Russian esports team Gambit Esports reaching out to fans for an explanation.

What does #YADINHO mean?

#YADINHO is a combination of the names of two popular Brazilian Twitch streamers: CSGO content creator Lindinho and variety streamer Yayahuz.

When the pair initially announced they were dating, they found themselves geographically apart. While both are from Brazil, Yayah has recently been living in Paraguay.

Separated by borders, the duo started a fund to get Yayah back to Brazil, so they could finally meet up. And to the surprise of fans, on May 13, Lindinho went live on Twitch with Yayah playing the ukulele in the background.

The couple then broke the internet when Yayah leaned over and gave Lindinho a kiss, which has already become one of the most iconic Twitch moments of 2021.

A campaign from top Brazilian CSGO streamer and former pro player Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba, who has over 2.7 Twitch followers, saw it peak as Twitter’s second-highest worldwide trend.

It’s also caught the eye of people all across Brazil, with even the likes of Brazilian soccer legend Neymar tweeting out in celebration of the two lovebirds.

“Don’t ask me why but #YADINHO,” the PSG star said.

But by far the best use of the hashtag comes from the Portuguese account of Manchester City, who used it to cleverly caption a picture of title-winning midfield duo Yaya Toure and Fernandinho.

Either way, there’s no doubt that #YADINHO will go down in history as one of the happiest stories on Twitch.