What is Twitter’s viral one word trend?

NASA tweet next to phone with Twitter logo on itUnsplash: Joshua Hoehne

Brands on Twitter have been going viral by tweeting out just one word related to who they are — but where did the popular trend come from?

There are new viral memes that circulate Twitter just about every week, including the super popular ‘Little Miss’ trend that took over the platform in July.

The latest meme that’s taking over Twitter in early September, being dubbed by some as the ‘one word’ trend, has been baffling users across the app, as it continues to spread at a rapid rate.

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As part of this trend, companies and individuals will simply tweet one word with no context, with the word they tweet usually being something that’s relevant to their brand.

For example, NASA tweeted the word ‘universe,’ LEGO posted the ‘word’ bricks, and even the POTUS account got involved by tweeting the word ‘democracy.’

These simple tweets have been garnering hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter, inspiring more brands and people to join in with the simple trend.

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But where did this all start? Reportedly, it began with rail service Amtrak, after they simply tweeted the word ‘trains’ on September 1.

The post received a huge amount of attention, with over 150,000 likes and 20,000 retweets in less than 24 hours. Other brands quickly followed suit, and the meme is now dominating Twitter, with dozens of brands and people making their own versions, and subsequently going viral.

The trend has snowballed in a remarkably short period of time, as many memes do, and is baffling thousands of users across Twitter who are wondering why so many brands are suddenly tweeting single random words.

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It looks like even more companies could be set to go viral with their posts participating in the trend, as it continues to gain traction online.

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