What is TikTok’s viral ‘upside-down smile’ trend?

. 3 weeks ago
TikTokers doing the upside down smile trend
TikTok: btriixx / savannahraedemers

TikTokers are going viral by participating in the popular ‘upside-down smile’ trend on the app — here’s everything you need to know about what it is, and how to try it out for yourself.

Short-form video platform TikTok is the center of viral content on the internet, and has become often the first place people go to in order to share funny clips about their life, and start new trends.

The platform has seen a huge variety of different trends come and go, from popular dances and lip-syncing videos, to easy recipes and useful life hacks.

The most recent trend to sweep the platform has got users experimenting with their smile, and giving their best attempt at recreating the ‘upside-down smile.’

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The upside-down smile is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin — it’s a way of smiling while still having the corners of your mouth turned down, almost like you would if you were frowning.

Although it might sound simple, some are finding that the smile can be quite hard to pull off. However, some TikTokers have clearly been successful in their attempts to recreate this facial expression, as their videos have been garnering millions of likes and views.

There are also many who actually smile like that naturally, and are amused to see it becoming such a huge trend on TikTok. “I think it’s funny cause I smile like this naturally and now it’s a trend,” one comment with 6000 likes read.

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Another wrote: “POV: you’ve been doing the upside-down smile wayy before the trend.”

It looks like this smile trend is set to get even more popular, as people continue to make videos to figure out whether the upside-down smile looks good on them.

TikTok has also seen a number of different facial expression filters going viral recently, with the shook filter and the crying filter from Snapchat taking over the platform and going viral.

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