What is TikTok’s viral Koopa dance trend?

TikTok Koopa dance trendTikTok: wadestokan / frankiejustchillin

TikTokers are going viral with their videos as part of the Koopa dance trend which is taking over the app, inspired by the popular Super Mario character.

New trends go viral on TikTok every week, including everything from filters and effects to storytime videos and popular dances.

One of the latest to do the rounds on the app is inspired by the Super Mario game series, more specifically by ‘Koopas,’ who are popular characters in the game.

These turtle-like creatures are known in part for their iconic dance that they pause to do in time to a specific point in the soundtrack.

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TikTokers have put a hilarious twist on this dance, by making videos imagining all the dangerous or unfortunate situations in which a Koopa could pause to do their dance. Users film themselves acting out a scenario, before pausing mid-action to do the short moves.

Examples so far have included scenes like, “a Koopa fighting for full custody of his children in court,” and “a Koopa getting his rejection letter from music college because he has no sense of musical timing.”

These videos have been garnering millions of likes and views across the platform as users share their favorite dark jokes as part of the trend.

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“No bc it’s so funny how they literally stop EVERYTHING they are doing to hit that one move,” wrote one commenter, “always makes me laugh.”

“I love this trend,” said another.

The Koopa dance trend is continuing to get even bigger on the app, as more people encounter videos referencing it on their for you page. The ‘Bah Bah 2’ sound has been included in over 48,000 videos, and it looks like more could be on their way.