What is TikTok’s ‘Record Me’ trend? Prank challenge is taking over

Georgina Smith
TikToker does the Record Me prank on TikTok
TikTok: bigguyjon

TikTokers are racking up millions of views and likes by participating in the popular ‘Record Me’ trend, which sees people pranking unsuspecting strangers.

TikTok continues to be the main hub for viral content online right now, with a huge number of videos being posted every day by the site’s many users.

There are new trends and challenges popping up on the platform all the time, and one that has been taking over people’s For You page for months, is being dubbed the ‘Record Me’ trend, which goes back as far as December 2021 with videos from creators like dndjejdjdjd900.

As the name might suggest, this trend involves people filming themselves as they go up to unsuspecting strangers, and asking if they would be able to record a video for them, often saying something along the lines of, “can you hold my phone?”

However, instead of simply posing for a picture, the TikToker will do or say something bizarre, whether that’s shouting something, dancing, or acting out a comedy skit.

TikTok user bigguyjon has made several videos participating in this trend, which have gone on to garner millions of likes and views.

In one video, he can be seen asking a couple walking in front of him to hold his phone for a moment so he can send his mom a video. The couple agrees, but instead of posing like normal, bigguyjon starts doing a bizarre walk for an extended period of time.

They patiently held the camera the whole time, and viewers loved how utterly chaotic the video was, flooding the video with comments. “Bro they’re going to speak of this night for the rest of their lives,” read one comment with over 200,000 likes.

That video alone got over five million likes and 30 million views, and there has been many similar videos of the ‘Record Me’ trend that have gone on to rack up equally impressive numbers.