What is the viral “shut up, it is not” trend on TikTok?

TikTokers doing the "shut up, it is not" trendTikTok: dale_ebert / excerpts.and.stories

TikTokers are loving the viral “shut up, it is not” sound on the app, which has sparked a whole new viral trend — here’s everything to know about the trend and where it came from.

A huge portion of the many videos on TikTok feature ‘sounds’ in the background, and these audios often form the basis for trends that end up completely taking over the app.

While many audios are songs, some can also be snippets from movies or TV shows, which go on to inspire thousands to make their own videos using the sound.

The latest sound to take over TikTok features a woman saying “shut up, it is not,” with another replying, “yes it is,” and the original speaker insisting in return “no, it’s not.”

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The sound is actually from one of actress Jennifer Tilly’s scenes in season 2 of ‘Chucky,’ and the short clip has inspired a whole new viral trend, with users going on to get millions of likes and views for their videos.

In this trend, users will state unbelievable facts, or certain things that they have only recently discovered, using the “shut up, it is not” portion of the audio to express their disbelief over what they’ve learned.

“When I found out some people have an inner voice narrating all their thoughts and they think in actual words and sentences,” TikTok user excerpts.and.stories wrote in a video that went on to get over two million likes.

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“When I moved into my first apartment and had all these fun ideas but the trash can alone was $75,” said user taco_isabella in a video with over a million likes.

This sound has been gaining an increasing amount of attention as it makes its way across For You Pages around the world, and users are using the practically endless potential of the audio to make their own versions of the trend.