What is the viral ‘If I Was A’ trend on TikTok?

TikTok logo next to aesthetic imagesUnsplash: Aleksandr Buynitskiy / Alex Motoc

TikTokers are going viral by showing what they would be if they were a gemstone, a season, an element, and more, as part of a new trend that’s sweeping the app.

TikTok is well known by now for being the origin of a huge number of popular trends, with new ones popping up on a daily basis and taking over people’s For You Pages across the world.

One of the latest trends that users are loving is being dubbed by many as the ‘If I Was A’ trend, and it’s garnering millions of likes and views on the app.

This trend usually involves the user asking their partner or friend what they would be if they were something from a particular category. This could consist of anything from seasons and types of weather to movies and gemstones.

Then, in a very specific format, users will then show images of these objects or things to the tune of Woodkid’s popular hit ‘Run Boy Run.’

People have loved getting creative with the images they choose to show all the different things their partners and friends have likened them to, and some users have even gone viral with their hilarious reaction videos to this trend.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” one commenter wrote on a viral video participating in the trend. “The amount of effort he put into this video,” read another comment with over 40,000 likes on a video one person made about their partner.

Although the editing for this trend appears time-consuming, the effort is worth it, as many of these videos have gone on to get millions of likes and views on the app from entertained viewers.

The ‘If I Was A’ trend joins others like the ‘it’s a problem if I do it’ trend that is taking over TikTok right now.