What is the viral Capybara trend on TikTok?

Capybara next to TikTok logoUnsplash: Jaime Dantas

Capybaras are taking over TikTok For You Pages across the world thanks to a catchy song that people are loving — here’s everything to know about the trend.

Just about anything can become a trend on TikTok, with new ones going viral on a daily basis and spreading across the app at a rapid speed.

The latest trend that has been taking over the platform is all about capybaras, giant cavy rodents native to South America.

Thanks to a Russian song titled ‘Capybara,’ TikTok users have been making videos of the animals alongside the track, and many going viral as a result.

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One video featuring several clips of capybaras with crocodiles garnered nearly five million likes and over 40 million views.

“This song will be stuck in my head for eternity and I am not upset about it.”

Another video of a capybara in a store racked up 3.5 million views.

“The poor capybara was just trying to shop and people were acting like there’s an animal in the shop,” one comment with 36,000 likes read.

“Capybara is allowed to go anywhere,” said another.

“I don’t know how I wound up on capybara-Tok, but it’s all over my FYP lol,” wrote one commenter.

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Viewers have been obsessed with the animal, continuing to post videos they find of the creatures, and making references to the viral ‘Capybaratok’ trend.

Over 400,000 videos have been made with the viral sound, and even more are continuing to be uploaded on a daily basis as capybaras take over For You Pages across the app. This isn’t the first time capybaras have become a viral trend on the internet, and it almost certainly won’t be the last.