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What is the TikTok Towel challenge? Impossible towel trick goes viral

Published: 8/Jul/2021 12:37 Updated: 15/Jul/2021 16:56

by Georgina Smith


A challenge in which two people hold interlocked towels and try to break free without letting go is going viral on TikTok, but is there actually a solution to this impossible task?

With TikTok being the ultimate home of viral trends right now, it seems as though every week a new challenge pops up and spreads across everyone’s For You Pages at a rapid speed.

From the Wipe It Down challenge to the Bugs Bunny challenge, the app has seen it all, but they aren’t always quite as difficult as the new Towel Challenge.

In this trend, two people facing each other grab on to two interlocked towels, and they then must try and break free of each other without once letting go of the towels.


Some of the videos that have gone viral so far appear to show people successfully completing the trick, such as the hugely popular Voros Twins, but not everyone is convinced they actually managed to do it, with comments reading “nice sleight of hand,” and “we all seen ’em cheat, right?”

@vorostwinsIt is possible!!! ##fyp ##twins ##twotowelchallenge♬ Iko Iko (My Bestie) (feat. Small Jam) – Justin Wellington

Comments have flooded in from others who are looking to try out the challenge for themselves with a friend, trying to figure out how the people in the videos are breaking free of each other.

Unfortunately, it looks like there may not actually be a solution. Commenters pointed out across various videos that the participants appear to be quickly swapping towels, or letting go and grabbing hold of it again to give the appearance that they managed to break free.


@sheenamelwani@shalinisamtani said she could get out!##newchallenge ##towelchallenge ##closethewindows♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

Many claimed the challenge is actually impossible, due to the fact that the two people holding towels with their arms are essentially the equivalent of two interlocked rings.

So far it doesn’t look as though anyone has posted a viable solution to the puzzle, but people are getting hundreds and thousands of views and likes for their attempts.