What is the “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound on TikTok? Cat owner goes viral

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piggy dippin in the piggy pool
TikTok: Missus.weeb

A TikTok about a cat dipping its paws into its bowl of water has gone viral after TikToker ‘missus.weeb’ posted a video of her reacting to the animal making a mess on the floor. 

Throughout the years, TikTok has brought us a wide variety of viral sounds and videos. We’ve seen videos like Ninefivegarage’s viral boyfriend application, as well as whole accounts like Preppyclaws, gain insane popularity.

We’ve also seen videos go viral that include a sound that gains everyone’s attention, like “it must be nice” or Elmo’s balsamic vinegar sound.

Now, TikToker missus.weeb has gone viral thanks to a video she posted on December 25, 2021 where viewers are finding the way she talks to her cat quite hilarious.

What is the “piggy dipping at the piggy pool” sound?

Soon after the creator uploaded her video, it gained widespread popularity thanks to the way missus.weeb spoke to her pet.

She said: “Piggy dipping. Piggy Dipping at the piggy pond. Nah, you a sausage swimming in the water bowl. You dip dem fat little toes in there.”

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At the time of writing, the viral video has received over 7.8 million views and over one million likes from users on the app.

Viewers have taken to the comments to react to the video, largely expressing how much they love it. “This is my favorite video” and “I cannot explain the joy this video brings me.”

piggy dippin at the piggy pond

piggy dippin in the piggy pool

While the audio itself isn’t exactly viral, it hasn’t kept creators who have found it funny away from creating their own spin-off videos. TikToker .sarah.kathryn drew her rendition of the sound on her iPad.

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There you have it, the origin and exact words surrounding the viral “piggy dipping” TikTok sound.

If you’d like to check out the countless other trends and viral videos that have come from the app, check out our hub.

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