What is the Nelly Furtado dance trend? Jamie32bsh goes viral on TikTok

Nelly Furtado Jamie32bshWikimedia Commons/TikTok: Jamie32bsh

A TikTok user by the name of ‘Jamie32bsh’ has gone viral on the app thanks to a video where the creator is dancing in a bathroom to the beat of ‘Say it right’ by Nelly Furtado. 

TikTok continues to house the biggest trends, dances, and even community-wide debates as it continued to gain popularity throughout the years.

Jamie32bsh is the latest creator to hit virality thanks to a video where he is dancing in the bathroom to the beat of Nelly Furtado’s song: Say it right.

Here’s everything we know about Jamie’s video and how other creators have turned it into a trend.

Say it right TikTok trend

Originally posted on January 28, 2022, Jamie32bsh has received almost 300 million views on the video he created that kick-started the Nelly Furtado trend.

In the recording, he can be seen pointing his phone towards the mirror and when the music begins — Jamie begins moving his hands and hips to the beat.

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Since then, his following has grown to a massive 5.1 million followers, with millions of views across his entire account.

He has also uploaded other dance videos, like this Ariana Grande dance with 56 million views.

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As his ‘Say it right’ dance video has gone viral, many hundreds of thousands of creators have turned it into the latest transition trend.

Nelly Furtado dance trend

TikToker ‘Kallmekris’ recorded her rendition of the trend, where creators show themselves in their own bathroom during the buildup of the song. When the lyrics begin, however, their video transitions over to Jamie’s.

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Cowphobia86 decided not to transition to the clip of Jamie but instead focuses on his love for ranch dressing.

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That’s all we know about Jamie and the recently viral dance. If you’d like to check out more TikTok news and other trends — head over to our hub.