What is the ‘lying in bed on my own’ TikTok trend?

TikTokers doing the 'Lying in Bed' trendTikTok: Kouvr / Unsplash: Olivier Bergeron

TikTokers are going viral with their videos participating in the trends associated with the “lying in bed on my own” audio that’s taking over the app. Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok audios, or ‘sounds’ as they are often referred to on the app, form the basis of a huge number of trends that have gone viral over the past few years.

Some tracks inspire new dances, and others prompt users to team up with their friends and recreate bizarre challenges.

The latest sound to sweep the app is from Becky Hill’s song ‘Remember,’ in which she sings: “It’s only when I’m lying in bed on my own / And I wake up and I don’t see your name on my phone.”

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The viral audio has prompted a couple of different trends to take off on TikTok. In the first, one person will hang upside down of the other person’s back, and when the lyric “lying in bed on my own” plays, the first person stands up fully, so that the person on their back can peer through their legs.

Videos in which people recreate this move have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and views, but be careful if you want to attempt this trend, as some users have shared their painful looking fails, even prompting safety warnings from TikTok on some videos.

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The second trend that’s doing the rounds related to this sound has got many users getting creative with their phone camera flashlights.

In this version of the trend, on the “lying in bed on my own” lyric, a group of people will crouch down, and point their phone flashlights at someone standing behind them, who will then lip sync to the audio.

People are absolutely loving this trend, with many taking inspiration from the viral video and trying it out for themselves.