What is the ‘lucky girl syndrome’ on TikTok? Viral trend explained

What is the 'lucky girl syndrome' on TikTok?TIKTOK: aliciaamaclaren/viluong

The ‘lucky girl syndrome’ is the latest manifestation trend to take over TikTok. Here is everything you need to know bout it.

TikTok is home to countless different trends and challenges, with many of them sweeping the platform and getting thousands of people to join in.

One trend in particular that’s been popular on the app throughout January has been the ‘lucky girl syndrome’ manifestation.

The hashtag “lucky girl syndrome” has amassed a whopping 274 million views on the platform already, as numerous women have claimed that the trend has changed their lives.

What is the ‘lucky girl syndrome’ on TikTok?

The viral ‘lucky girl syndrome’ is about repeating positive affirmations, and simply believing that good things will happen in your life.

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This term was coined by TikToker Laura Galebe back in December 2022. In her video caption, she wrote: “The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL.”

“I genuinely consider myself one of the luckiest people I know,” she said. “I get some of the most insane opportunities thrown at me out of no where!”

She further explained that the manifestation works on the idea that great things will always happen to you and if something doesn’t go your way, there are better things waiting.

For Laura, the positive affirmation that worked in her favor was constantly telling herself: “I’m so lucky.” 

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Since posting the video, thousands have used Laura’s manifestation technique as a way of turning their dreams into reality.

Does it actually work?

There isn’t scientific evidence for the phenomenon, but many users have claimed it’s benefitted them in their careers, finances or living situations.

One TikToker said she’d earned enough money to buy her dream home after starting the ‘lucky girl syndrome’ affirmations.

Another content creator claimed she got into college, had a “great career” and got “everything” she wanted thanks to the trend.

However, these examples are also a form of survivorship bias because for every success story there are still many, many more who use these affirmations daily without any change in their lives.

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This is not the first time a manifestation technique has gone viral on TikTok. Previously, the Doja Cat September 1st trend took off on the app, hinting that users would receive $3,111 using a specific manifestation method.