What is the ‘let me do it for you’ meme? Long nosed Borzoi dog goes viral

What is the didn't I do it for you meme

Long nosed Borzoi dogs are taking over the internet… but why? Here’s everything you need to know about the net’s latest adorable doggo meme.

Every now and then, a meme takes hold of the internet and won’t let go. The latest meme popping up on For You Pages and Twitter feeds involves a dog with a very long nose.

The dog in question is a Borzoi, a breed of hunting dog that originated in Russia. These pups are known for their long snouts, which some social media users have edited to look longer than they really are.

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These adorable doggos can look truly innocent — something that’s amping up the cuteness of a meme they’ve suddenly kick started.

What is the ‘Didn’t I do it for you’ meme on TikTok?

Although the ‘rules’ of this meme aren’t really clear, it generally involves someone filming (or posting photos of) a Borzoi dog to platforms like TikTok and YouTube. The footage is paired with audio of the Muppets’ Miss Piggy singing a cover of FKA Twigs’ song ‘Cellophane,’ which she’s serenading to Kermit.

Although the pairing of these two things might not make sense at first, they’ve become an oddly wholesome combination, producing a slew of cute dog videos set to funny audio in Miss Piggy’s signature voice.

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However, it’s not just dogs that are taking part in the meme. These days, users are posting anything that remotely looks like a Borzoi and pairing it with the audio — even drawing eyes on a pencil or a handle in their shower.

Some netizens have even animated Borzoi dogs helping out their owners, in keeping with the song, as seen in this clip of a Borzoi using their long nose to get the last of the Pringles out of the can.

It’s a cute meme that anyone can enjoy… but Miss Piggy’s serenade might get stuck in your head after a time or two.

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This is just the latest meme to take over social media after a young lad named ‘Topher’ stormed TikTok with a hilarious viral trend.