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What is the “I’m a Potato” sound? Viral TikTok audio explained

Published: 21/Jan/2022 17:34

by Dylan Horetski


Among TikTok’s thousands of trending sounds on the app is the “I’m a potato” audio clip. Here’s everything we know about the viral sound, as well as a few examples of creators using it. 

Over the years, TikTok has been the home of thousands of viral videos, sound clips, and a variety of other trends. A few great examples would be the ‘parents‘ filter, Disney actors showing their love for Corpse Husband, as well as the hilarious way a cat owner talks to her pet.

Sometimes sounds on the app don’t reach viral popularity when they’re first uploaded, but more often than not, they continue to bounce in and out of the spotlight.


That is the case for the viral “I’m a potato” TikTok sound that’s taken the app by storm since 2020. Here’s how creators are using it and its origins.

TikTok will easily continue to expand its enormous userbase in 2022.

I’m a potato TikTok sound

The now-viral TikTok audio stems from a since-deleted video uploaded by KaylaHaynes614, who recorded her daughter using a tomato ‘skin.’ Despite the video being deleted, the audio has been used over 140 thousand times.

Some of those videos are re-uploads of the original, to pay tribute to the creator of the sound. TikToker Marshallberry79 wrote in the caption of her video: “Some people need to stop messing with the original. Kayla’s daughter is adorable.”


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#duet with @kaylahaynes614 some people need to stop messing with the original. Kayla’s daughter is adorable.

♬ ShiloPotato – Kayla Haynes

Shortly after the audio originally went viral, creators all over the world used the sound to record their pets while they laid down, looking like a “potato.”

TikTok user HammyandOlivia showcase their dogs on their channel and decided to participate in the trend with them.

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Do you see a potato or a tomato? #dog #potato #tomato #summer

♬ ShiloPotato – Kayla Haynes

While there may be a few different variations of the “I’m a potato” sound roaming around the app, this one from Kayla is the most popular.

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