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What is the ‘I wish I had a time machine’ TikTok song?

Published: 28/Jan/2022 12:19

by Georgina Smith


TikTok users are loving a new viral trend where they share the reason they wish they could go back in time to the tune of the song ‘Time Machine’ by Muni Long.

Although short-form video platform TikTok has expanded to include all kinds of content from storytimes, to cooking and comedy, originally the app’s videos were based almost entirely around music and dancing.

That aspect of the platform is still thriving to this day, and countless songs have become part of viral trends due to their catchy tune or lyrics.

The latest song to become the subject of a viral trend is Muni Long’s song ‘Time Machine’ which came out in November 2021.


Specifically, people are using the snippet of the song where she sings ‘I wish I had a time machine’ to reveal why they would want to go back in time, and some of the responses have been hilarious.

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@edariousrashad #fyp #iwishihadatimemachine #timemachine #arbysdiablodare ♬ Time Machine – Muni Long

Some have shared their regret over certain fashion choices they’ve made, whereas others have used it to look back on cringe moments from their childhood.

Videos participating in the trend have been garnering hundreds and thousands of views and likes, along with plenty of comments relating to people’s experiences.

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@lissaliving 😭😂 #healthy #fyp #relatable #weightloss ♬ Time Machine – Muni Long

Muni Long herself has been embracing the trend, and reposting some of the TikToks that are using her sound to her own account, where they’ve been garnering even more attention.


‘Time Machine’ isn’t the only song that has prompted an entire viral trend on the app recently. The Celine Dion challenge involves people putting on dramatic performances to the star’s popular hit ‘It’s all coming back to me now,’ joining the ranks of the countless songs that have inspired some of TikTok’s biggest trends.