What is the “I wanna go home” TikTok sound? Destined Kids song goes viral

Dylan Horetski
I wanna go home tiktok sound destined kids
YouTube: DESTINED KIDS by iwueze- okplaeze rejoice

TikTokers all around the world have heard the song lyrics “I wanna go home” on their For You Page recently, but where did it come from? Here’s everything we know. 

Alongside viral dances and interesting stories on TikTok are specific sound clips that are used to start a new trend.

A couple of examples of the most popular sound’s recently are the “money don’t jiggle jiggle” rap from Louis Theroux and the “I like it, Picasso” sound that is used to compliment something.

Now, “I wanna go home” is taking over the FYP, making viewers wonder where it came from. Here’s everything we know about the viral sound clip.

“I wanna go home” TikTok sound

With its newfound popularity, many people are left wondering where exactly the sound originated.

On TikTok, it was uploaded on May 8, 2022, and shows a girl singing the lyrics “I wanna go home,” which has received almost 2.5 million views since then.

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The clip uploaded to TikTok is from the song “It’s a Holiday” by Nigerian music group Destined Kids. Within the first minute of the song, the girl sings the lyrics in reference to wanting to go home for the holidays.

On TikTok, creators are using the sound clip in a similar fashion to the original video — wanting to go home or leave somewhere that you’re not happy.

Grace_Africa recently used the video to showcase her meet and greet at Vidcon where, unfortunately, nobody showed up. The video has received over 32m views at the time of writing, with fans flooding the comments in support of the creator.

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Karlie Rodriguez is another TikToker that’s gone viral with the sound after her mom accidentally booked a room at a hotel that doesn’t actually exist.

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The sound clip has been used in over 118,000 videos since going viral, with almost 10,000 of those being uploaded while writing this article.

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