What is the Horace filter on TikTok? Viral trend explained

TikTok Horace filter trend explainedTikTok: jdgray/Unsplash: @solenfeyissa

Yet another filter has gone viral on TikTok, and this, time it’s a character by the name of ‘Horace.’ Here’s everything we know, including who its creator is and how people are using it. 

Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has been the home of a wide variety of viral trends, sounds, filters, and even just one-off, interesting stories.

One of the most popular filters recently is ‘Shrek in the sky,’ which displays a giant version of the movie character.

Now, ‘Horace’ is the latest filter to go viral on TikTok. Here’s everything we know about the viral trend.

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Horace filter on TikTok

Thanks to TikTok’s Effect House providing the tools needed for users to create their own AR filters on the app, viewers are met with new viral trends almost regularly.

Horace is the latest viral filter. The quirky character was created by TikToker ‘jqgray’ in April 2022.

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While jqgrays original video of the character was dancing to Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony, TikTokers participating in the trend have shown off Horace’s dancing skills with a variety of songs and accompanying captions.

For example, ‘itsjustgraciejustgracie’ used the filter to show Horace dancing on her couch. Her video reads: “I was trying to clean our house and Horace decided to spontaneously hop on the couch, put on our favorite Drake song, and just let loose for a little. UGH! He keeps me sane.”

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Another user shared a dancing video with Horace that included a whole story about their morning together.

“Can’t believe I caught this on camera. We were in the middle of making breakfast in our pajamas and Horace secretly set up a camera and asked me to dance to our wedding song. It’s moments like this when I remember why I married this man. Love to see us vibing in our natural state,” she said.

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Videos using the filter have received millions of views, with thousands of fans taking to the comments to show their love for the AR character.

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The filter can be used to create stories or simply as a way to dance away some stress.

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