What is the ‘hair theory’ on TikTok?

Two women with different hairstylesTIKTOK: pastabianxo / theonlyhavenz

Many TikTokers have made videos talking about the ‘hair theory,’ but what does this actually mean? Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

TikTok has become a hotspot for content creators across the world to talk about a range of different topics, including beauty, fashion, fitness, and more.

Recently, there have been a huge number of trends centered around beauty and relationship theories, like the ‘shoe theory,’ or the viral ‘red nail theory,’ which users go on to discuss in viral videos.

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The ‘hair theory’ is the latest topic to have garnered a lot of attention on TikTok, but it has divided opinion on what it is about, and whether or not it is real. Here’s everything to know about it.

TikTok’s viral ‘hair theory’ explained

The ‘hair theory’ on TikTok claims that the way your hair is styled can change how you look and are perceived by other people.

This can be them treating you differently or talking to you differently. One example of this is waitresses reportedly receiving more tips when wearing pigtails. Basically, the theory states that there are particular hairstyles that can bring out your beauty and enhance your appearance.

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The ‘hair theory’ has been growing in popularity in 2023, with thousands of TikTokers going viral trying to prove its validity. However, while there might be legitimacy to the claims made in their videos, it is not a real theory with any scientific backing.

A theory is defined as a way of thinking that helps explain a phenomenon or idea. Some haircuts and hairstyles arguably help to accentuate facial features, but there is no scientific evidence to back up the idea.

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Regardless, videos about the ‘hair theory’ are continuing to garner millions of likes and views across the app, as more people want to find out if a hairstyle or hair color can really transform their appearances.

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