What is the great ‘chicken war’ on TikTok?

TikTokers showing off their chickensTIKTOK: dylan_bezjack / theofficialtykielstra

The great ‘chicken war’ has taken over TikTok users’ For You Pages, as people are going viral showing off their chicken flocks. Here’s everything to know about the trend.

TikTok is notorious for sparking unexpected and quirky trends, and there’s been a whole range of them popping off and getting thousands of users involved.

The latest fad that’s been making its rounds on the app is being dubbed the ‘chicken war,’ and it sees chickens and their owners hilariously showing off their fighting skills.

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It’s not an actual clash but a spirited virtual contest between chicken owners, who proudly share videos of their feathered companions. Contrary to what the name might suggest, this trend does not involve any form of cruelty or harm to animals. Here’s everything to know about the challenge.

What is the ‘chicken war’ TikTok trend?

The great ‘chicken war’ trend is all about TikTok users sharing videos of the chickens they have raised while showing off how suitable they would be for a battle.

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It all started when content creator Dylan Bezjack filmed himself walking while being followed by a flock of chickens, as he joked they are on their way to “kick some a**.”

His video quickly went viral on the short-form video app, having amassed over 1.4 million views and 350,000 likes. Soon enough, TikTok users began sharing their own clips of their chicken armies to prove that they are “stronger.”

While the name of the trend may sound violent, participants do not seem to have acted physically aggressive towards their chickens. Most creators taking part in the challenge are either seen walking with their flock or holding a single chicken which, according to them, is the alpha.

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This isn’t the first time chickens have been the subject of a viral trend on TikTok after the ‘why are chickens so funny’ sound blew up on the app in January.

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